Discussion: It's For The Fam


What are your opinions on the new shelf on the app, “It’s for the Fam”. This shelf features a selection of stories on everything related to family. What stories on the shelf have you read so far?

I read the story Let’s Play Pretend by Shania.R.
I strongly recommend this story to anyone who loves a good mystery because it kept me in tension till the very last chapter.

I have also started to read Destined to be Protected by the author Moo. I haven’t completely finished it yet but by the handful of chapters that’s I have read so far I realised that this story shows the close relationship between seven brothers and their younger sister and their eagerness to always keep their sister safe and out of harms way. It’s also a story I highly recommend and a great one for the fam.


I realised that there’s already a shelf for this. No matter I’ll talk about this there.

@Jeremy or @Ryan can you please close this chat, thanks guys :blush:


The story Destined to be protected is FABULOUS!!!
I highly recommend it!