DISCUSSION: It's Thursday!

NAHHH WHAT TYPE OF SMOKE ARE THESE PPL ON WHEN ITS THURSDAY :skull::raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: :sob::sob:. ^^

Y’all be avenging and fighting online in a forum about digital clothes and shi :ok_woman::sob:

That’s just rude really man tho

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So true my 9yo told me the other day I would wear another dress mom. Then I showed one of my best friends and he adviced me to use it as nightgown. Meanwhile the BF was like youre beautiful babe

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Apparently there are levels of honesty :joy: Kids- brutal honesty, Friends- kind honesty Bfs/Gfs - complementing honesty :joy:

Lol clearly maybe bf/gf never fully loose the pink glasses

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the wait is over <3 plus, (no pun intended) we got more trimester clothing for plus sized females! and not to mention new animations :white_heart:


And it did!
Yay! :yay: :yay: lol

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How did I miss this cutey <3<3<3

Has anyone noticed how few comments and likes the new update has gotten? Usually within a hour or two there are hundreds of comments and edits etc.

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Yh I noticed that too

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This was so late. What was the episode team doing :sweat_smile:?

Anyway I guess I got the animation I wanted…

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Maybe they’ll notice and do better? lol

Don’t hold your breath though :joy:

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it’s not the werewolf animation is react_scream_horror_up

@ColeCatalyst @MiyakoMiyu


… low key and high key… I think a lot of people that create edits based off the new releases have just lost a great deal of interest. But also, the community as a whole has lost interest in the updates. I don’t know what is going on with @/Melani3 but the updates have not been the same since she has been gone. Naturally I don’t know if she is taking a break or just flat out said “ I’m outta this B!tch ”, but you can absolutely feel that the animation team or the communication between the community and Episode has grown further apart. And it’s really the little things that paint a bigger picture. Like, I’ve joked about the admins no longer creating catchy titles for the weekly releases, but the fact of the matter is, it feels like they can’t even muster the energy to pretend to care. Of course, I don’t know if they have left the creative title making specifically up to @/Jesse or not, but it seems like just going over previous releases, anybody could see there is a certain way that the releases are titled. I mean… the plus releases are the last Thursday of every month. Even I know that the title should have been “ [Limelight] Plus Sized Female : Release 18 " , just to give continuity to the update title format . But that is just one example. When it comes to the quality of the updates…They are recycling clothing that we already have and putting them in the color wheel. Which, I can see that being a great way to give us a variety of colors to choose from, but it seems like an effortless way to placate the community without actually giving us what we have been asking for. Especially when a considerable amount of us have been begging :pleading_face: for more male clothing ( and that is only one of the things that we have been begging for ). Again… yes, I am 1000% aware that Episode is giving us free clothing updates every week, and we should be grateful to receive updates. Yes, we appreciate the updates, and although we do voice our opinions on the quality of what updated clothing we receive… it’s important to keep in mind that we are absolutely paying Episode to provide us with these “FREE” weekly updates!!! How are we paying for them? By spending our time reading the stories, writing :writing_hand:t5: community stories, talking about Episode and sharing stories to read on Episode to our friends, creating edits and posting them on Instagram, participating in the contests and sharing our ideas with Episode without receiving payment for doing so… so on and so forth. Not to mention those who can afford to do so purchase gems :gem: or subscribe to V.I.P to receive a certain amount of :gem: and tickets :ticket: just to spend those on choices or read various stories to collect gems :gem: and then spend those gems :gem: that were acquired through spending money or spending time reading enough chapters to gain enough gems :gem: to spend on the stories. So yes… the free updates that we are getting are absolutely not free at all. Because we are spending our time, energy and in some cases money on Episode to keep them in business. So now let’s look at the communication between the community members and the admin in charge of posting updates within forum threads directly related to updates. I do not recall seeing any direct responses between any of the admins ( save @/Sydney_H and @/Melani3 ). Meaning when we try to alert the team that specific posts have not been uploaded, or when the Instagram edits post has been uploaded or even when an item is not showing up in the portal… I have seen zero communication/responses to address the topics. :flushed: There were so many complaints about not getting any information on the delay of the Plus Sized Female update that @/Sydney_H actually stepped in and shut the whole thread down… like :face_with_hand_over_mouth:… I have never seen that happen before!!! Now this is in no way , shape or form me coming for any of the admins or people who work for Episode at all. I am strictly pointing out some of the things that have stood out to me in where things have been going. Anywho… I just wanted to share what appears to be taking place now when it comes to updates and the decrease in responses and likes as of late. I know that was a whole novel… :woman_facepalming:t4: I’m sorry about that… apparently I had a lot of stuff to get off my chest, and I just wanted to verbalize what most of us may be feeling and have not yet expressed on the forums.


Hey guys, new week and tomorrow is another update.


I know right! The edit releases usually used to go smoothly when she used to be the one releasing the topics


These facts right here!!! I’m not sure @Dark_Clover21 … I just hope she comes back!!!

@ColeCatalyst … I have no idea what to expect!!! I am not at all certain about what types of releases are scheduled for which part of the month ( save the designated Plus updates ) , but I am hoping for a hair and facial update. Clothing wise… :thinking: since we are getting into fall/autumn soon… hopefully we can get the camping :tent: boots :hiking_boot: and the camping vest that we see in lots of Episode original stories. Maybe even some more jackets , sweats and sweaters. You know what would be awesome though??? If we could get those thermals that we have for female/plus females ( which are categorized as tattoos ) for the males. That would be really kewl!!!


They don’t really have a schedule, per say. Just every Thursday they have an update–sometimes its backgrounds/animations or clothes – one thing is certain though, the male section always gets a raw deal on every update.
You remember the scene in (I believe the vampire one episode put out) where they climb the fence? I’d really like that animation.


Hey everyone! This week, we prom-pose that you try on these new Prom themed outfits and accessories! We are in the process of releasing these right now! Here’s the full list: Limelight Female Plunging Key Hole Slit Dress Floral Black Purple Royal Chiffon Dress Chiffon Grey Black Royal Chiffon Dress Chiffon Blue Wintermint Royal Chiffon Dress Chiffon Red Praline Royal Chiffon Dress Chiffon Yellow Cream Slit Keyhole Dress Silk Glossy Black Corsage Flower Pink Prom Queen Satin Gold Prom…


Is this new?