DISCUSSION: It's Thursday!

It’s feels like they did, I don’t when they released the pride month update last year but honestly I think a pride month update would have been better than a beach/summer one.


Honestly I always felt the pride updates where super forced, there is no balance of assets, it’s either loud rainbow or feminine items for MTF (which is fine but not all MTF want to wear crop tops and dresses).They never give us simple items like shoes with colored heels or maybe even earrings.


I think it’s be really cool to see like ball gowns, gloves, daggers… you can probably see a theme that I didn’t realise was there until I put the daggers :joy::sob:

This has been my argument with each MTF updated items since they gave us the body shape/clothing.

I agree that the last one especially made me feel like they based the entire update on stereotypes- like all lgbt+ people are super loud and in your face with their sexuality. I know many people that if they didn’t outright tell you, you would never guess that they aren’t straight male/females.

I would love if they just gave us accessories, shoes, some new hats or beanies, bags and a few graphic -style tees for lgbt+ people and supporters.

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Yes, I want more subtle lgbt+ items; earrings, bags with pins, shoes with colorful bottoms or heels, even something as simple as masculine or baggy clothing for females. Something to give a look as them having a flat chest (since we have to wait for Episode to give us an actual flat chested female body type)


Update day tomorrow


Pride accessories? More every-day clothes like graphic t’s, more jeans (maybe some that aren’t ripped?), new sneakers.

What are you guys hoping for?

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Appropriate Pride clothing and clothing not something that rainbow man would wear like a rainbow cape, pants or mask.

I’m completely fine with people wearing those rainbow flags around them like a Cape.

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Agreed. lol

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:arrow_up: this shirt
:arrow_up: these shorts

:arrow_up: this tied shirt
:arrow_up: these dresses


True. I love the dresses!