DISCUSSION: It's Tuesday! (Update Day)

ohhh, I think I’m understanding it a bit. Thank you!


Thanks… I am sure I am not going to get it right… but at least someone tried to explain it. This is part of my reluctance to even check in anymore… everything has gotten too complicated for no reason.


I understand, ll try to mention you when they update so if you feel like checking it out you can :blush:


Thank you Love!!!


Today (9/13) is the day! What do you all think this month’s theme will be?

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So what did y’all think of this month’s update? I think the background (with overlays :exploding_head: ) was a good addition and that we got a good bit of new stuff instead of recolors. Still wish we’d get shirts and skirts that are a little more modest but
I thought it was on okay update, and much better than previous ones.


Idk why but I cant be impressed by it

Feels like stuff we already have and frankly lackluster…maybe im bitter about the change but

Its a teaspoon of items in the span of a longer wait time…

We need more modest clothes and hairstyles like all my supposed LIs in storys look generic and again…always need afro hair textured styles

And im bias but some more edgy/kawaii clothes


Oh, to be clear, I’m definitely not impressed by the update, lol I just think that compared to the other “monthly” updates, this one had better and new assets instead of recolors of stuff we already had.

Agreed that they should try to incorporate more cultures into their clothing designs/features. And for the love, could they give the guy characters un-cropped slacks that aren’t skin tight? lol. To me it’s always felt like the guys are an afterthought and it’s unfair given that we have male authors that I’m sure would love to show their own style through their characters instead of jeans and t shirts or business suits. :woman_shrugging:

They are past due for a hair/features update if I’m not mistaken but it would be nice to get them and maybe soon we will. And I TOTALLY agree about modest clothing.

But, yeah, not impressed so much as I am glad they seem to be putting out new things instead of recolors.


since the change in the update’s schedule and format, I feel that I’m gradually loosing interest in updates… We get next to nothing compared to what we used to have and all the item kinda feel the same, always the same trendy modern clothes an recolor…


I think a lot of people feel like there’s no point anymore. I know that I completely forgot the update this time and it’s only been a couple of months since they started implementing the ‘monthly’ thing. :woman_shrugging: i have noticed the release of more new singular items for each body type but they are definitely not making up for the smaller number of released items per month with that alone and I think people will eventually not care at all about them.


The update is supposed to be today, right? Is it delayed?

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Its next week

Huh, alright. Thanks for telling us!

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How do you know it is next week

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It was at the second Tuesday of the month, but during one month they delayed the release, so it becomes the third Tuesday of the month, and it has been consistent.


I’m literally shocked to see some of the “old timers” still here. Like, I’m this :pinching_hand:t5: close to developing my own interactive game because Episode is falling off big time.

I’m already learning coding, game development has always been an interest of mine. Pretty sure I could do it. :unamused:

I’m getting very bored of Episode. Like, I’ve been trying to stick around to see if they’d change and to wait for Ivy to drop, but no más.


I agree…idk feels like forever since we got anything of substance and tht goes for stories and updates. Ik im bias but we need more black hairstyles and some alt/kawaii clothes…idk something worth while. The stories are all so vapid and shallow…like…it feels like a state of decay


pleasee code a new and better episode please!
if you do i promise you i’ll actually invest money into it! :sob: