So, after talking with my noodle queen @The_Corgi_Queen, I’ve realised that jealousy isn’t so bad. All my life, and likely some of you guys’ lives, every time I’ve felt jealous, I’ve felt so ashamed and guilty. I didn’t have a particular reason, just because it was so, so frowned upon by the public.

And I’ve realised that jealousy really isn’t that bad. It’s part of human life- it’s an emotion like anger, happiness, sadness. We should have the right to feel it. Acting on it in a bad way/letting it take over your life is another story, but acting on any emotion in a bad way/letting it take over your life is bad, not just jealousy. I don’t believe that we should feel ashamed for being human.

So… what do you guys think?

please… for the sake of my holiday and my hours of sleep… no drama.


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Jealousy is human nature. As long as you don’t act on it, it’s fine.


but that’s kind of the problem. most people act on it, and that’s why it’s frowned on.



Here’s an example: You have a crush on somebody. They like/are dating someone else. It’s natural to be jealous of the person they like, but you shouldn’t hate on them or do something mean to them.

It’s wrong to act on jealousy.


yeah it’s wrong. but we as humans think that if we want it, it’s ours. it’s just the human nature for stuff like this, it doesn’t matter if it’s wrong, if you have it at the end, then your happy. that’s the reasoning we take, to justify the action.


Yes… maybe it should be frowned upon to act on it, but not to feel it. Just like you can’t control other sorts of feelings. You can try, but usually you will end up feeling it and fighting with yourself. It is better to just accept that you feel jealous, try not to act on it and be grateful for what you have, and if possible without hurting anybody, maybe you can strive for better. Not so that you can better other people, but so that you can better yourself. As a friend says, ‘the only gymnast you should compare yourself to, is the one you used to be’.


Jealousy is part of being human. I think it’s perfectly fine to be jealous


no emotion is bad as long as you dont let it control you,

an example could be your jealous of your boyfriend’s friends cause he is spending time with them. that is alright

demanding he never spends time with his friends cause it makes you jealous that is wrong.

with any emotions, it is all about control and sees where the line is


I actually like jealousy because it is what pushes me to do better. When I see people doing better than me or people who have more than me, I get jealous for a second but then I decide that rather than just being jealous, I am going to do something about it and so I take that jealousy and use it to push myself to work harder. It is kind of like the saying ‘Don’t get jealous, get motivated’ except at first I will get jealous but then I use it to motivate me to do better because I don’t like feeling jealous and so I get rid of the feeling by bettering myself. (Not sure if that makes much sense lol :sweat_smile:)


Exactly, it’s not like you can control how you feel. Also bottling up your feelings can be really bad for you, it’s much better to accept that you are jealous, also I feel like it should be easier to say “hey I’m jealous of this…” instead of acting on it or portraying in it a much more harmful way.


I do hate when people get jealous though and then bring others down for it, rather than bringing themselves up. That’s just wrong


Jealousy is a perfectly normal thing, it’s human nature, when someone else has something you want, naturally, you envy that person, that doesn’t mean you did anything wrong.
And I think unless you start a revenge spree on anyone you’ve ever been jealous of for any reason, you’re not doing anything wrong, and it’s not like emotions are really controllable, it just happens-- so don’t feel bad about being jealous, but better just leave it, you know, don’t hit someone because you’re jealous of them for instance.


Jealousy is a human emotion. Just don’t let it take over your life.


Humans have emotions. Jealously is an emotion.

It would be more unnatural to for a human to pretend they don’t have emotions. They just do. It’s not even a construct. That’s just how we are.

Jealousy is normal. I’ve been jealous of people I’ve thought were perfect before, seemed to have so many great thingz in there life. I felt so bad and got mad at myself for being jealous, but I realised it’s ok to be jealous sometimes, as long as it doesn’t control your life :smile:

I disagree. Just because it is natural doesn’t mean that it is okay. I mean, I understand that people feel it, I’ve felt it plenty of times! I’ve not been ashamed I’d say, but I think I should be. Jealousy is natural, but that isn’t a good thing. There’s plenty of things that are natural, but aren’t exactly good, ya know?

I think when you feel envy, you should try to kinda control it better, however that might work for you. As a Christian, I’d pray. I’ve never prayed to dismantle jealousy before, but now I think I should :thinking: As I’m thinking, I think I’ve never prayed to dismantle my jealousy because I’ve never had an alarming problem with it. :thinking: Like, sometimes I feel a little envious, but I just look internally and go, BAH! You’ll get over it, Nelly ^^ And I do eventually! So…yeah. If I ever was sick with jealousy, I would definitely pray about it to try and dismantle it because it is not a good thing to always behave for whatever comes natural to humans.

Just by default, humans are sinful creatures. We feel emotions that are not good things to feel. That doesn’t mean that I think we should be ashamed of it or anything, though. I think we should try to battle it within ourselves and try to dismantle the feeling, no matter what causes it. <3


Good point! I think I might agree with you. In fact, I think I do! Yes, I don’t think we should be belittled or ashamed for feeling jealous, but it’s not exactly a great thing to feel. So we should just sorta let it pass or try to make it pass.


It is as natural as being sad, happy or angry.

I think when people say I never get jealous - it implies that they don’t let jealousy get to them, not that they are never jealous cause that’s not really possible.

Being jealous and letting it get to your head are two different things. One is a choice and one isn’t.


I have extreme jealousy issues. At school, whenever I see one of my friends talking and hanging out with someone else, I feel very left out and extremely jealous. I can’t help it. Sometimes, my jealousy gets the best of me, and I act really cold towards people. Sometimes I even have a bad reaction.