Discussion: june’s pride shelf


Let’s doscuss june’s pride shelf. I personally haven’t read any of the stories but I do plan on reading them!
Have you read some stories on there? Did you like it?
Have you not read any stories on that shelf?


I’m excited for it. I’ve skimmed through the descriptions and titles and covers and they all look pretty interesting. And I absolutely love how there’s Ace representation! Not a lot of people know about asexuals and a lot of people deny them as well. Its nice to be acknowledged.


thank you for your response on the shelf, i’m glad the LGBTQ+ community is getting recognized in the episode community. shoutout to y’all! :ok_hand:t5:


I haven’t read any, but I noticed something very unusual for a shelf. One of the stories only has 65 views. I’m thinking this possible a glitch on my phone, because I thought I read once that there’s a minimum amount of reads you need to be on a shelf. But if it’s not a glitch, then I think it’s amazing that new stories are getting showcased with some well established ones


I love it, like always, I’ll read them before going to bed (I’m lazy and busy ok)

Just hoping there isn’t any straight authors among them. Since this is about pride and embracing yourself.

Peace. :peace_symbol:


I personally think it’s okay for a straight authour to write for this shelf as long as they don’t only use stereotypes and actually do research. But that might just be me.


But it’s pride shelf, pride in yourself. Am I the only one thinks that? Anyways. Let’s not get too off-topic.


Well, I would think the pride shelf would be LGBTQ+ main characters. I think if it was the other way around (LGBTQ+ authors, but straight main characters), I’d feel a little disappointed


LGBTQ+ MCs aren’t representation, unless they ACTUALLY show it. Which is non-existent on many stories. What authors do is that they say their characters are bi but they focus around on a female-male relationship. And believe me, a LGBTQ+ author would never write about straight characters unless they are joking. We already got enough of female-male romance.

Now, let’s not get off-topic. As they are slowly wait for a reason to close the topic.


I just meant that I think the Pride shelf would be showcasing stories that do represent the LGBTQ+ community. Which would not really include stories that say their character is bi but they focus around on a female-male relationship, because I agree that they are not proper representation. But from what I can see at first look, they haven’t included those type of stories that you are worried about.

And dw, it’s not off-topic. We’re discussing the shelf :blush:


LGBTQ+ Authors don’t always write with only LGBTQIA+ characters. It’s not only just as a joke.


Unless an author plasters their sexuality over their IG page, I wouldn’t have a clue what their sexuality is.
Personally, I would expect a Pride shelf to showcase stories with LGBTQ+ MC’s (that actually represent the community. Like people have said, saying that a character is bi but then having them in a female-male relationship with no further reference to their sexuality wouldn’t cut it (for me)). If those stories are written by LGBTQ+ authors as well, then even better.

@amberose That’s not a glitch. I added that story to my favourites to read very recently and it only had like 50 reads lol. I think it’s quite new?
Not One Less also has less than 500 reads right now and the shelf has been up for a few hours.

I haven’t read any of the stories yet, but I’m looking forward to reading them. As I just mentioned, I already had Ace of Hearts in my favourites.
I’ve also been meaning to read The Fourth Floor for ages lol.
Emerge: The Story of a Warrior is also one that grabs my attention immediately.


Oh right… The fourth floor! I forgot that was in there. I thought I hadn’t read any of these, but I binge read that one a while ago and it’s pretty good. I’d say it does an alright job representing the shelf. The only critic I have is in the later chapters, there’s a lot of narration. But that’s neither here nor there and it’s still on my recommendations shelf


I wanted to read On the Fourth Floor and Ace of Hearts, but haven’t yet. But I definitely will soon.


I’m not gonna lie, based off the summaries alone, this is the first time in a long time that all the stories grabbed my interest. I’m really excited to read a lot of these and see how they are.

However, one story I’ve had on my list for a little while now and have been excited to read is Ace of Hearts. I’ve been following the author in Instagram since before she published and I’m super excited to read her story. She’s actually who I went to when I decided to make the main character of my H&V story asexual so I made sure it was an appropriate representation. I’ve seen little teasers and I’m really excited to read it and see how it plays out! If I get a chance to read it before the shelf goes away, I’ll definitely come back and give my opinion on it then.


What you said was wrong, no offense. I’m an LGBTQ author, and I have plenty of stories in my drafts involving straight main characters. Lets just celebrate the fact that we have a shelf representing our LGBTQ+ once and for all.


Not all opinions that aren’t correct for you is wrong. Stay on topic instead coming at me.


Would you rather straight authors not make stories representing LGBTQ+


I would love them. But I don’t wanna see them on the shelf. This is about pride in yourself. PRIDE IN LGBTQ+. Not in straight authors.


I’m not coming at you. Sorry if you felt that way. I was saying that when you posted “A LGBTQ+ author would never write about straight characters unless they are joking.” All people have preferences on what they write. Also, I am on topic, sis. The entire subject is pride.