DISCUSSION: kpop & korean stuff!

hi! this thread is totally off topic and might get closed soon, but honestly that’s fine by me bc i just need people to talk to for a while! more towards those who like korean stuff :woozy_face:

anyways, the title is self explanatory ^^ we’re gonna talk about k-pop, k-drama’s, and k-actors!

so just to start the convo, has anyone seen boys over flowers? :thinking:

eek :flushed: pls talk to me i’m a lonely dumb ho don’t let this thread die


Omg not yet! What’s it like?

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asjkflg omg thanks for replying :pleading_face:

it has a pretty typical plot line but it’s good!! the angst gets pretty good if you continue watching it :kissing:

basically it’s about this rich ‘bratty’ dude who’s going to become an heir to this huge company called SHINHWA/SHINHWA group. & not only that, there’s a school called Shinhwa that he’s going to own basically. it all starts with this poor girl & she gets submitted into shinhwa school. she then stands up to the dude^ called Go Jun Pyo. then, he starts falling for her and BOOM!

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Of course! :hugs: Cool thread.

Ooh where can I watch it?

And woah that sounds really cute and interesting! And the romance ahsjshshsj :sob::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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you can watch it on netflix!

if not, there’s a site called kissasian where you can watch all types of kdramas for free! the ads are weird tho :flushed:

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Omg I think I might! Just for you :blush::wink:

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ur sweet tysm :pleading_face: <3

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Of course! Thank you for telling me about it :innocent:

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What about Descendants of the sun?


oMG i love that— i haven’t finished it tho :pensive:

so sad the song song couple divorced :weary:

They are sooo adorable.

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hfkslal the OST’s are incredible tho!! i binge listen to them :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Yeah, I play it EVERYTIME.

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my bby chen sings that :woozy_face: have u heard of exo?

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Of course. Chen is my fav. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::blob_hearts:

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ok but have u heard minseok & kyungsoo are leaving for the army? :pleading_face: ahhh

I think they already left.
Lay came to visit kyungsoo too.
Have you heard UN Village?

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baekhyun killed me dksjfhsoa

That song is so catchy!
And Baekhyun’s visuals :bomb:

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omg wait have u seen the show “the return of superman” ? :rofl: