Discussion: Lack of Originality in Stories and Characters

I’m not saying this just to Episode but in books and writing in general today. Television and movies even. There’s no original plots anymore now within this community and writers if the society much. Nor original and non-cliche or shoe horned characters. I feel everything is just being repeated. It lacks. I’ve became more uninspired than ever from this. :confounded: I want new, original, interesting stories. I want a good plot. I want relatable and realistic characters, not plastic ones. I want originality.


YES! YES YES yesssss

Honestly, none of the stories we see in today’s world whether it’s on Episode or TV or movies or books are “original.” Lots of tropes and cliches are taken from past literature and rewritten with a spin, then rewritten and rewritten again.

Originality exists, it’s just hard to find but it doesn’t mean it’s not out there. I can think of 3 different shows I’ve watched recently with some relatable and realistic characters.

I understand your frustration however, especially in regards to this app.


What kind of originality do you mean?

Truth. It is hard to write something unique as long as we have millions of stories.

What kind of story would you read?


Yes! I’m so sick of “bad boy!” or “chosen one!” or “gay best friend!” These cliche plots make me wonder why peoplr don’t just put in their description “*you’re the chosen one who falls for the bad boy and you all get married and have 158864 kids in the end.” It’s so dull and repeated. Cliche, cliche, cliche.

I don’t write, but I have some tips. Turn the cliche’s around. What about…a gay boy who loves sports? Or a shy black girl? A story from the perspective of the non chosen one? Falling for a smart, shy LI? Break the stereotypes! Why not make the “nerd” in the story branch out a little sometime? Why not make the “careless bad boy” show some affection. Real humans aren’t boxed into one stereotype. Nobody cooks us up and says “let’s make them kind, supportive but gullible.” We break out of character, we have hobbies, likes, interests.

Speaking about hobbies and likes, how about a realistic villain who has other things to do apart from ruining the MC’s life?


So truth!
Always there is a happy ending. Always a main character survive, even he was dead already, like a bullet in the heart, but he is a main character, he has to live.


Exactly! What about a different ending? :thinking::thinking:

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I obviously would mean stepping away from the regular and cliche tropes used contiously in stories.

It kinda isn’t. Theres a lot of things people still don’t add in stories even if there is millions out there.

Stories I would read is unique, fantasy or action or drama or romance plots. With various of characters and personalities.


I’m more into Drama and Romcance though. But I stay away if they’re the same annoying plots.

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This is what I try to put into my story. But I’m not sure I am doing it well xD

And they won’t add as long as this is not popular.
it is sad but truth

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My favourite thing to do when reading cliche stories is to think: How can these stereotypes be flipped around? What could the author have done to make more realistic, well rounded characters?


With that attitude it’ll get us no where tbh. If you have that mindset, we can’t achieve the goal to change the writing world.


Many authors are afraid of breaking the stereotypes, in fear of not getting reads. Truth is, most readers would love to step away from the cliche cringe and see some unique plots.


Yep. Just look at the gang stories.
Always a leader fell in love with the poor girl and it changed him to be a better man…
But the leader of gangs usually is a psychopath with a lot of issues.
So, how is he able to change? Psychopaths are more complicated than that!


What about…somebody trying to run away from their gang? A gang leader who doesn’t fall in love? Or…a gang leader who gets arrested and learns from his mistakes?

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happy endings- i see them everywhere and don’t get me wrong, they’re great and all, but not always realistic. i just wanna see a few stories where someone doesn’t get what they want, or they lose it all, ya know? that’s just some things, of course. i have lots more.


Lol it’s not “cliche sells”… it’s that “Episode makes only cliche sell”. If the featured stories were more open to having different genres than romance, we would be seeing more unique stories. Other apps have proofed this. There are storytelling apps with both romance and horror stories. And guess what? They both sell.

It’s Episode’s fault for building a fanbase like this.


Agreed. Episode should be more open.


This one will not work well.
The brain of psychopaths is not able to change like this.
There are a lot of researches to prove the brain of psychopaths is working in a different way.
And killing makes them happy, makes them feel something like exacting.

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Do you think authors who make stories that are different from how it is today think “well, it’s not popular to do something apart from today’s tropes so I shouldn’t do it”? No, they don’t.