Discussion: 'Leave someone on seen' on threads that OP has requested something!

I find it really disrespectful when someone has asked for help with their story in whatever way, and after several hours there is a huge amount of views but no comments, unless it’s a moderator telling you the topic is in the wrong section.

I have had this issue before with episode members and I am over it. I thought this forum is about everyone having a common interest and all are encouraged to share our skills and perspectives.

I am sorry if I annoy those who don’t like my whinge but I am probably voicing what others out there feel too. Why have a Share Feedback thread if no one can be kind enough to respond.

Anyway Rant over, back to figuring out how to make my story readable, on my own!


Maybe those who have clicked into the thread have no idea how to help the OP with their problem(s)? But for those who clicked into the thread and knows how to help, I do think they should give some opinions to the OP?


I am sure there are people who aren’t sure but the amount did make me wonder there may have been a few that could help. Appreciate your comment!


So now people have to know everything? Why is there a problem with everything we do now? Maybe we don’t know how to help, or the OP hasn’t been explained properly. How are you going to call that ghosting? Do you even know what ghosting means? It means to cut off a sort of relationship or something without explanation.


I apologise I guess the wording was wrong I was frustrated when I wrote it so I wasn’t thinking clearly but the context is relevant. I never said

However like the previous person said some may know but bothering to reply.

I appreciate your response though.


Well also, not everyone sees the thread right away. For me sometimes I will not see a new thread until hours later even though I like to refresh the page often. I know it can be frustrating not getting help when you need it or at the time you need it, but no one is really obliged to stop what they’re doing to help you if they don’t want to.


Yes and in the end it’s still other’s choice whether they want to help or not.


I know and I am not talking about 1 or 2 as I know members are all over the world so there are time differences. Not expecting people to drop everything and look at me, just would of been nice.

Appreciate your opinion.


To add to what others have said, if someone clicks the topic and doesn’t actually know how to help you, them adding a reply to the discussion seems kind of pointless? They wouldn’t really be adding anything helpful so it would just contribute to clutter on the forums, which in turn would make it difficult for new members to navigate the forums and find the answers they need too


True, thanks Amber

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@Sydney_H please close this post, clearly this post was probably not practical.

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I don’t think anyone is obligated to help anyone. It’s nice to give advice when you can but no one has to and I don’t think glancing at a thread and not responding is inherently rude. Sorry if you aren’t getting the help you’d like but that’s how it is sometimes. What thread did you make that no one responded to?


Going to go off what other people said, but I feel the need to add: There’s a search function. There’s a huge chance your issue has ALREADY BEEN SOLVED.


Closed by OP request. :grinning: