[DISCUSSION] Let's talk about Glass

Okay, this thread may contain some spoilers for the new Glass movie (sequel to Unbreakable and Split), so please do not continue if you haven’t seen it.

Now. For all those that have: I AM SHOOK.

I never expected that ending and I’m actually really sad over it. I absolutely love James McAvoy as an actor, especially in split and glass when he plays Kevin Wendell Crumb, the man with DID. And when he, Elijah and David died in the end, I was literally so gutted over it and I tried so hard not to cry when it showed the scene of Kevin crying in Casey’s arms.

Anyways, I want to know your thoughts on the movie.

Have you seen Unbreakable and/or Split? And what were your initial thoughts upon watching it?

What did you think of the ending? Do you think it could have been a better ending, maybe one that didn’t end with death or one that spoke more about the secret society?

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