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I don’t know about others but I usually like stories that have an LGBT+ option or Mc’s. I do a lot of replays where I switch it up like for one, I would choose I like girls and for another I’d say I like both. Plus, some for the stories on the app that are LGBT+ friendly or have an Mc that is are really good and I enjoy them a lot. One I liked a lot is Crystallized and another is Love Me Not. Most of the stories I read that have these elements are very light-hearted, funny, interesting, and fills me with joy with the representation. However, having an LGBT+ option has it faults. Usually people use it as token diversity or make the LGBT+ love interest seen as just a “friend” rather than a regular lover. What do you think? Do you agree with what I said? Do you like reading stories that feature the community and express it greatly? Also, comment down below LGBT+ stories you love or recommend. :smile:

This is not for self promotion. Don’t just suggest stories, discuss with us as well.




Ill answer the rest of the questions, I gotta find the stories, XD


I literally do the same thing (if being bi isn’t an option). It’s nice to have main characters and love interests that are LGBT+ and actually represented correctly.


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I agree! I think simply adding LGBT+ options as an after thought is tokenizing, I also think more authors should strive to genuinely and thoroughly include it in their stories. Representation matters and I believe to limit stories to a heteronormative relationship helps no one.
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I agree so much! Representation is everything. In my second story, you get a choice on who to date but not in the first one. I just didn’t know how to code it when I started. But from now on, every story I publish will have that choice.

But even if you don’t get a choice for the MC I feel it’s important to include LGBT+ characters in stories as long as it’s not as token characters. I wrote a genderfluid character in one of my stories because I have a friend who is and they constantly feel misrepresented or made fun off because every time genderfluid is mentioned anywhere it’s in the form of a joke or an argument for why it’s a “made up” thing. That’s heartbreaking.

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