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So guys I decided to make a thread about Limelight.
I think Limelight is really cool, with it’s new feature, I mean moles ,freckles, scars it’s amazing!!! Sure the animations may need some work, but it’s 2019 good.

But the main reason I made this thread is due to the huge Ink/ Classic fan haters

They hate on limelight 24/7, and let’s not forget when the crossover guidelines came, they made it all about them.

I have no problem in what style you write in, I don’t care, but I do have to say one thing
Limelight is the future, INK & CLASSIC are in the past, and that’s okay, because it’s about what YOU want to write in.


Boom. No need to hate on styles, just write what u want to write in. Simple as that.


Yeah the scars are amazing!!
I’m making my MC have one


I dont care about the style. I care about the story. personally, I have really beginning to like the limelight. but I write in all 3 styles. though only had one story published(and another complete one) but i shift it op a bunch what I write in. I also use mobile a lot to ideas because then I can write on the move. and when a plot is finished I can move it to the portal


The classic days… I’m so glad thats over.


I agree. I like Limelight more because the characters look realistic and plus, you get a variety of features for your character. But I think Limelight needs more clothing, animation and props.

I personally don’t like INK and Classic myself. I swear INK/Classic fans here can be pretty hateful.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some INK stories that I can tolerate but I just feel that INK is too bland for me, just like Classic. I can’t take a story seriously if it’s in Classic or INK.


Not a fan of ink or classic

I much prefer limelight (especially for boys)


Especially the boys now.

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I love Limelight since the day it came out. I love it till that point, that I can’t read any other style. Well Classic I could never read, but after Limelight it was so clear that Ink is too cartoonish and too empty. Ink characters act/behave like empty shells, animations are dry, lifeless. And every character looks the same.

While Limelight offers countless beautiful or less beautiful different characters, animations which suck you into the story, so ink can’t compare to it at all.

But I’m not completely sure that Limelight is the future. I bet we’ll get yet another style sooner or later and I’ll switch to it the first day. Why? Because we need to move one with technology improvements :wink: New staff will always be better.


i was a hardcore limelight fan at first. i only read limelight, & never even tried to click on ink or classic stories. then i realized that i should open my eyes to other styles as well, so i read an ink story (rebounding with bad) & just fell in love. i’m an ink fan now, but i’m open to limelight & classic as well. limelight isn’t that bad as most ink fans call it as, & ink fans can be pretty hateful. i feel like each style has its own pros & cons, but we shouldn’t argue about which style is the best because none of the styles are better than each other.

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Dimples is the next thing Episode should make.
I adore them irl:’)
In the beginning I wad a bit meh with LL, but truth to be told the features weren’t good at all, but they have evolved so much and they have some amazing features.
I might go as far and say I do prefer it more than Ink.
Ink will always have my heart though,but LL is like fresh air, something different.

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I love all three styles.

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