DISCUSSION: Mafia Stories

Ok so I got the inspo to make this from this :point_right: Discussion: Toxic and Abusive MCs

You should check it out lol

Anyways, I wanted to know your guys’ thought on Mafia. I’m personally writing a story about the mafia so this might sound really hypocritical but whatever

  • Mafia stories on episode heavily misrepresent the mafia. Mafia leaders aren’t hot (which I’ll admit that I’m guilty of making them like that)

  • Mafia leaders aren’t going to fall in love with their hostages

  • Mafia leaders don’t have morals

  • Mafia leaders aren’t afraid to kill a child

  • Mafia leaders don’t care if you’re a woman or not, they’ll kill you without a second thought

  • These kind of stories can offend people that have had an experience from these people

  • Killing people isn’t “hot” and anyone who writes these kind of stories (myself included) should write it like it is, immoral. There’s absolutely no point into making something like that “hot”, “sexy”, or “sensual”. The only “reason” there would be a need for these kind of things would be for the sake of a romantic aspect

  • Romance isn’t everything. There doesn’t have to be romance in every single story, especially if the only way you can do that is to glorify something that is responsible for so many horrible things that happen in the world

  • Also if you want to write a mafia story don’t romanticize or glorify that kind of lifestyle there’s many ways to avoid all those things.

I also want to talk about MC’s in these kind of stories. Usually mafia stories revolve around how the MC accidentally saw something she shouldn’t have and then got kidnapped but instead of the MC being scared for her life she checks the LI out. I don’t know if it’s just me but I’d be scared if someone was trying to kidnap me but ig MC’s in episode are just built different :woman_shrugging:

I’m not trying to bash these stories in any kind of way and I know that this is episode and they’re all fiction but I just wanted to say these things because some kids on this app don’t understand these things and these stories are way too normalized

Let me know your thoughts on this :kissing: Cuz I’m lowkey curious

Also don’t know if there’s already a thread made abt this


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