Discussion : Mean Girls


The Mean Girls Featured Story was based on one of the most popular movies of the last two decades.
So how did you feel about it?
Did you think they represented the characters the right way?
What did you think of the MC?
Which story was your fave?
Do you feel there should be a 4th story?

I loved the story and thought every single character from Cady, Regina, Gretchen, Damian, Janis , Aaron & Karen all worked well.
The MC was extremely likeable throughout the story and I loved her.
My fave story was Sorority Rush the 2nd one.
I would love a 4th story.


Well, I think this series had potential. It’s been a while since I last read it (several years), so I don’t remember much of it but I do remember several things. One problem I had with this story was the continunity. Unfortunately, the story failed to follow up on the character development that occurred in the movie. For example, the Plastics’ character development appears to have been completely ignored in the story. It would have been nice if they had continued with that development, including with some of the other characters.

I mean, the story was average, in my opinion. For many, it was their first story that they read on Episode. But I could arguably say that it was a tad better than what Episode is producing now.


The Plastics i’d say they didn’t ignore Regina’s development as she was much more developed I felt by the last story from the first one.
However you’re right. Gretchen & Karen seemed the same throughout all.


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