DISCUSSION: Merging Topics



You know what ANGERS me?


I understand that this is done to avoid clutter and blah blah.


When ur topic is merged with another topic that’s just slightly the same, and next thing u know your topic is shoved down to very last reply for no one to see unless they scroll through 200 replies and find mine.

I had something to say boi and now I’m silenced.

Mods are just doing their job. I get it.

But I can’t be the only one who gets butthurt when this happens. Any attention my topic was set to receive won’t receive any at all now because it’s in the abyss of some other topic.



Watch this get merged with another topic SMH




so annoying! Like, we make different topics for a reason!


Especially when the topic is inactive…


I TOTALLY agree, but I guess that’s how there terms are in the forums. Still, I agree.


Causing that topic to closed for inactivity. Makes no sense. oh well, lol


rip >.<

I’ve never had one of my topics merged with another, but I have had topics merged with mine. I don’t want other topics on my thread lol - but ye forum rules. Perhaps make it a discussion with questions ? Like technically DISCUSSION : Races in Episode and DISCUSSION : Diversity Episode hit some of the same topics, but haven’t been merged because one has guided questions the other is free for all.




Weird, I didn’t comment on this before!

A while ago, there was a topic I had commented on that was merged with another one that had been created at a later day. It kind of annoyed me that the original topic got merged with the one that had been created more recently… But worse than that, the actual topics were different and shouldn’t have been merged. You know how when they merge a topic, they just take all the comments and transfer them to the “official” thread? Well, I was the first comment, so mine appeared at the top and I had been very specific in my response to the original topic, so the merge made my reply look off-topic. I was so annoyed by this specific merge that I asked it to be unmerged, explained why they were different… then was PMed about why I was “wrong” :expressionless:


I had my clothing representation for Muslims topic merged with my how to guide for Muslim characters. I was pissed. I wanted them separate! I didn’t ask for them to be together! :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::expressionless:




The only topic I’ve ever had merged was one I made for story recommendations under 1k that weren’t the recommend-ers own story. People seemed to like it because when someone recommended their own story it was flagged and I at least liked to content of the thread. Then it got merged with another topic that was just general story recommendations and the specific purpose of the topic was lost (most recs were drowned in self-promotion as the thread merged with allowed them).

It was rather annoying. You’re totally right though that that’s the way the mods are doing it and have every right to do it, I just wish there was an appeals system of some sort.


Ugh yes! Was that @Annieways’s thread by any chance? I feel like most story recommendations threads get merged there and it’s kind of annoying when the OP is asking for like mystery or sci-fi for example, but then it gets merged there. And like, now it’s as if it’s @Annieways’s responsibility. She’s only one person! She can’t manage the thousands of replies it has now.


Exactly! That’s one of the biggest problems with constantly merging threads, you get these massive topics with so many replies and it’s harder to find exactly what you’re looking for among the sea of other stuff


Yeah, I’m all for merging duplicate topics, but I also think some of the mods have the wrong definition of what a duplicate thread is


I’ve had that happen to me a lot. Like, are you serious?


:sob: :sob: :sob:
Now things get merged if they’re “near-duplicates” too.
:sob: :sob: :sob:


It’s pretty simple. Don’t create duplicate topics (which is also against forum rules) and your topics won’t get merged :slight_smile:. If you feel so strongly that we are merging topics that are in fact not duplicates please post some examples below and we will definitely look into it.


But that’s the issue. My topics will be merged into another ones with the claim that it’s a duplicate but it’s not. It merely has the same idea but different conversation and different points.