DISCUSSION: Merging Topics


Also known as a duplicate topic. :thinking:


Then your (or the forums) definition of duplicate isn’t exact or taken too lightly.


Your Mod team is perfectly aware of the definition, no need to waste space with that. What would benefit this cause more is by providing examples so we can look into this further.


Well the mod team should work on exhibiting kinder ways of conversation and inforcing rules with forum users.


Please note that we merge topics in order to have to avoid flagging users who create duplicate topics as this breaks the forum rules. This is our way of trying to be lenient with the community and demonstrate that we are not “out to get” anyone. If you would like to discuss that further feel free to PM me and I would be more than happy to see what we can do. As I stated above, please provide examples so we can take care of the issues that you are addressing. It is very important that we make sure the forum team is doing their jobs and doing it correctly. In order for us to investigate these claims we need examples so we can move further. Thanks! :grin:


But my topic on Muslim clothing representation and How To Guide was a little alike but weren’t duplicates. They had different purposes. One was for making Muslim characters as a whole and another for the clothes. They shouldn’t have been merged because 1. they weren’t identical 2. It wasn’t much of the same idea.


Understood, Can you please provide me the link? Thanks!


These two. Thank you! :smile:


No, thank you for helping make the forums a better place! :grin: If anyone has any other examples we highly encourage you to drop the links in this thread. Thanks again!


This example is from a few months ago, but an older topic got merged into a newer one (that wasn’t similar) and it became a mess lol. The titles are similar but not the content:


So if I make a thread about (just an example) MERGING TOPICS and how this is strongly necessary, my thread will be merged with this one obviously since we’re talking about same thing, and @ZADDY will flag my every comment because it doesn’t go with her opinion and because I’m not supporting her idea.


What? Do not accuse her of this, do you even know her?

It’s okay to express a different opinion, as long as you do it respectfully and no ad hominems, no one’s going to flag you.


I’ve never flagged you?


I can’t–people are just starting drama for no reason today.


I just happen to get pulled into all of it :no_mouth:


No no Zaddy :woman_facepalming:t4: I was being ironic and saying an example :woman_facepalming:t4:


Oh okay :joy:


I’m just now seeing this so it’s not that it really matters but this topic:

Was specifically for recommendations of stories that are under 1k and are not the recommender’s own story.

It got merged with this topic:

Which was originally a R4R and doesn’t have the same rule of ‘less than 1k reads and not your own story’.

I don’t think those are duplicates at all, since the bigger topic is more of a self-promotion thread and the first topic has a different purpose. It felt like merging the topics just brushed over the whole ‘don’t promote your own story just other people’s’ rule. So instead of finding stories people are passionate about, it just got drowned out by all the self-promotion and expectations for a R4R.


So annoying :tired_face: