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The best example.


I’m really sorry about this :confused:

My thread was never R4R, but I saw some people offering R4R as well because yeah, now it is only a huge mess… I completely agree that - along with many others - your thread shouldn’t have been merged to mine and honestly I wanted to close that thread because of this many times, but I don’t know what to do with the story list what @amberose helped me with in the first place. I don’t want it to go to waste, but if we close the thread, readers won’t find those stories anymore :cry:

I think I’m going to add a final post so that at least some of you could bookmark it before I request it to be closed. Any other ideas anyone? @amberose, @JemU776?


Well, people can still see the list, hun! They just won’t be able to add to it which is totally fine. You shouldn’t have to feel like this thread is a mega responsibility. Most people abandon threads like these anyway. Also I have the original list on a spreadsheet :shushing_face:


Yeah, I mean if we don’t bump the thread from time to time, there won’t be a lot of people seeing it. I actually gave up my responsibility with this a while ago, because there’s no way I will ever read all of those stories. I’m making some progress every week/month, but yeah, you know…

I was completely sure about this :smiley:


Dude it is absolutely not your fault!!! Just because you made the thread doesn’t mean you’re at fault for what people have been using it for or what the mods merge into it :sparkling_heart::two_hearts:

Also that brings up the other problem with constantly merging topics into one long, generic topic- no one’s going to read through this massive thread!


Except me… When I made the list… Oh boy, what is my life?

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Honestly, mad respect because that is an INSANE amount of work. You are stronger than I.

It kind of returns to the original problem - that there’s no quality control or way to tell people how these massive amounts of stories compare to each other.


Don’t encourage me pls. Annie will tell you my spreadsheet obsession has gone too far


We need a rating system, stat :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Of course, that requires you to read every single story which is… a massive burden to say the least


This is why I highly believe that thread needs to be pinned :laughing:

And yeah, the thread has too, too, too many stories and repeats as well. Thank you to Amberose for the list, super helpful.

Honestly, I think you should keep it open but don’t try to read every story @Annieways or you’ll go crazy. Other people can come across it and find stories they like, so it should be “anyone can read it, not just the poster of this thread”

And, I actually had a thread of mine merge into that one as well, tbh, looking back I laugh at this, it’s funny now but back then I was kinda mad :rofl:

But Amberose and Epithet are right, it’s not your fault, You can’t manage all those stories and you don’t have to. You are free to choose which story you like to read and in no way are you to blame if a merge takes place. Don’t be upset over this, I know you wanna make others happy but sometimes, you can’t handle it, and you shouldn’t have to. Just know, we’re always here for you, if you need anything, let us know :revolving_hearts:

@Epithet And as for the merge, while it happens. The best I can suggest is using the search bar option on the thread, type in key words from your original post and you’ll come across the suggestions.

Hopefully. topics stop getting merged when they’re not supposed to. As long as the main purpose of your thread is different and the rules stated, if they read them, they’ll see the thread shouldn’t be merged (not just judging by the title)


I totally agree! And when threads get to be a certain length, no one’s reading any of those replies, which is even more infuriating since it could’ve been separated. I appreciate the mods, but I also wish they wouldn’t merge so often :joy:


It’s annoying, although it’s a similiar topic we all have different things to soo let it be :roll_eyes:

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