Discussion: Missed Connections (CONTEST)


Sad thing is that it wouldn’t seem out of place amidst some of the top trending romance stories,


I guess, I meant that as a joke. If I manage to submit a story, I’m going to play off it. Without spoiling too much, the MC is a doctor/nurse and the LI is a patient who has amnesia whose real identity just so happens to be off-record/mysterious withheld (mixed in with slightly dubious dream science).


Oooh sounds interesting


@amberose I thought about revamping The Wedding Buddies for this but I don’t have the patience :woman_facepalming:


So funny you say that because I actually thought of you when I first saw the theme. Shame the main premise is “the chase” of finding the love interest… I mean, revamping Wedding Buddies to fit this is totally doable… If you can find the patience I can be your motivator?


Ah is it ‘the chase’? Thanks for the offer :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:but I’m probs not creative enough to come up with all the different ways she tries to track him down :joy:


Well, it’s a “chase” for all the stalker-stories at least :joy: DAMN, I couldn’t convince you… Maybe by next year’s Valentine’s Day contest you’ll have it ready? :smirk:


:joy:Ive got most of the second episode completed so hopefully I’ll be publishing in the next few weeks!


EEEEEEPP! :crazy_face:


Hey y’all! Would someone like to read my story prompt and tell me if you think someone would actually read something like that? I really want to enter but I’m a slow writer so I highly doubt that I’ll finish in time… cough but trying won’t hurt right? :grin:


For some reason, I’ve spect the last few days copying my characters and outfits onto another story. The original story used to be an uncompleted Spotlight on Love entry, and I for some reason cannot handle the format.


Id listen


I’ll pm you! Although I kinda lost hope for this since I’m so busy atm sigh


Hey guys! Do u prefer animated intros and decorated story cards or just the default story card and then the story starting right after? Thanks a lot to anyone who took the time to answer! :slightly_smiling_face:


It doesn’t really matter to me, but I do think that animated intros are pretty cool.


Hey anyone somewhat confident about their stories, would you like to give a little tease on what they’re about?


Ehm, sorry for the late reply. I neglected this thread way too much :grimacing:

If I enter, I’ll have a ghoul story. Modern ghouls. (Tokyo Ghoul has entered the chat skjfsk) They are undead creatures that feed off of human flesh. Kinda like vampires, but zombie edition.

I have the perfect way to “connect” MC with LI, but I’m short on time bc I want to publish before 2019 and I’m working on a vampire story.

Is it possible to write 2 stories at the same time :thinking:


Yes, absolutely!


Hehehe…thanks for the answer. (writes 5 stories at the same time)

Leaving the joke aside, after discovering the Way to Win a Contest:tm: I’m not sure if I want to enter :sweat_smile:


Uhhh… Did I miss something? What’s that?