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hey princessesss :heart:

So i’m sure we all want more thriller stories, but let me tell you why I think so

Okay, most of us are tired of re-reading the same romance stories again and again. I love good thirller/adventure stories but episode authors and episode writers themselves don’t understand what we want and keep doing things their own way. Honestly, at this point i’ve seen so many people say stuff like “This is the year i’m leaving episode” and all of that because unless we searched hard for hours we’ll find a good story, and nobody even has time for that in the first place. One reason why i came on forums is to look for good stories because the trending section is boring and we’ve read the stories again and again. Also they all are romance like okay romance isn’t everything I know a lot of people strongly disagree and would choose romance stories over other genres but i’m stating my opinions and why I think so. I mean okay a good thriller mixed with romance sometimes can be good most of the time it gets annoying because the LI is always “protecting” the MC but sometimes that doesn’t happen. Okay i’m writing my own romance story, but my first episode story was a Halloween/Thriller so yeah

So, yeah episode authors or episode themselves should create more thriller stories or adventure stories. Episode rarely has any “Scary” episode stories, the only one was Pretty Little Liars which I enjoyed until book 2 because I got bored. But I mean that’s really all, I just hate going through tons of stories, which are the cliche LI protecting MC from the scary things, and when its over they get together. Like yeah i just wanted to rant, and you can rant in the comments too!

Love, iqra


Hey Iqra. Whats ur story called? I’ll be happy to read it​:ok_hand::+1::grin:


Okay thanks! It’s my first story so it’s pretty bad and bulky!

Unexpected Murder

BY: lovelyy_iqraa

Chapters: 3 (completed)


i so agree , actually i got so bored of all the romance once, i decided to become a creator ! i’m currently creating and it is going to be a mystery / psychological thriller type scenario. Here’s hoping i can manage to do all of this to make something good. I am on my third episode but i keep going back and forth fixing and adding things the more i learn how to do things !


Thats great, pm me when done i’d love to read it


will do :slight_smile:

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PM me too! I would love to read it as well


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