DISCUSSION: Mystery On Hanging Hill Lane Ep 5

In episode 5 of Mystery On Hanging Hill Lane, we’re supposed to find 3 objects at some point. Could someone tell me what they are cuz I don’t wanna break the panning feature thanks to tapping everywhere on my screen to find tappable items all over again :,) I sadly have to restart the story :pensive:

the bed, the vanity and one more thing i forgot-

oh nooo you sure you can’t remember? D: i clicked everywhere in the room and i could touch nothing except the bed and the nightstand, and they said there are 3 places to look so i dunno if i should move on or not :sob::sob:

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i remember missing one thing but i found out what it was anyway, so just move on i guess? :pleading_face: sorry i couldn’t help much ahh

oh :o it’s alright, no, PERFECT if i find out anyways. thankssss you were actually a great help :smiley:

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aww i’m glad to hear that :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: