DISCUSSION: New Story; She's Bad

I am very sorry if I happen to offend you in any way. Please note that this is only my opinion and I would like to know what other people think of this story. I completely understand that it is other peoples creativity and they should be respected but I’m just as fed up with these stories as most of you are. I’m sorry but I won’t accept harmful criticism on this thread. I’m very sensitive. Thank you for understanding if you actually see where I’m coming from. If you don’t then… Okay.

(Sorry, I’m on a computer, this was the most accurate photo I could get)
Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 1.20.25 pm

Why hello there Episodians (don’t mind me I’m in a weird mood)…
Let’s talk about what was Viola Musaraj’s but now Episode’s ‘She’s Bad’.

Episode, what’s going on in your head? Allow me to demonstrate;
Readers: Ugh, there are too many bad boy stories.
Episode: Okay… why don’t we make bad girl stories?
After this apparent resolution
Readers: There are too many bad boy/bad girl toxic stories involving weak women as the mc, falling in love with someone just because he/she is ‘bad’. This isn’t good people!
Episode: I know exactly what to do here…

“She’s the BADDEST girl at school. One night (how descriptive :roll_eyes:) you meet this boy who is just as bad as you. WhEn SpArKS fLy WilL YoU gEt bUrNt?!”

Hm… thoughts?


Oh sorry.

Duplicate thread closed. :slight_smile: