Discussion: Nobody Likes My Story

Hello, I just want to say something what really bothers me and I want to know does it bother you? A lot of authors who are starting out and their stories don’t get reads are going to forums or they have been in forums and are posting same thing! "Nobody cares about my story…Why does anybody like me???"
This is getting kinda annoying. Everybody just haven’t seen your story or well not going to lie it could be very bad as well!
Stories don’t get reads because of three things: unpopular author, bad story and Cliches! We can’t lie cliches get reads and lot’s of people like them, not those people who are in this forums! Those people who only read and don’t write. That makes them cliches.
Unpopular author is very common thing and name says it. There’s a lot of things what makes stories bad ,so I am not going to list them here.
But if you want reads you don’t need to act like some kind of victim and writing:
Nobody likes me or cares about my story…I think that I am going to stop writing


well said!! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Agree with every single thing you said!Thanks for making this! :smiley:

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:+1:t3: :100:

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its hard to be noticed, even with an amazing writtien story with adavance directing and veyr few clichics its still hard to get noticed

we all struggle to get reads, complaing about not been able too dosent help, we all face the same challange,


Yes to both lol.
It’s really, really hard to get noticed on a platform like Episode because there are so many stories. Unless you write in a genre like horror, it’s extremely difficult to get visibility on the app, particularly if you’re a new author with zero following. Just because you have very few reads, doesn’t mean the story is bad or that people don’t like it. People also tend to read stories when there are more episodes available or even when the story is complete.

But of course, maybe it does need work. There are plenty of review pages on IG that provide useful feedback.