Discussion of the Originals, Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf❤😍

Who is your fav character? Fav Mikaelson? Fav Salvatore? Who are your fav Villains and why?? Who are your fav ships? Fav supernatural creature (teen wolf)? :laughing: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Also tag 2-3 people :white_heart:
For me its;
Fav character- Is the one and only Klaus :wink:
Fav Mikaelson- Klaus (obviously :wink: :smiling_imp:)
Fav Villains- Lucien Castle, Marcel Gerard
Fav ships- Elijah and Hayley, Klaus and Caroline

Vampire Diaries-
Fav character- Damon Salvatore
Fav Salvatore- Damon
Fav Villiains- Kai Parker :heart_eyes: and Klaus Mikaelson :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Fav ships- Elena and Damon, Bonnie and Kai :pleading_face:

Teen Wolf-
Fav character- Stiles Stilinski
Fav Villiains- Void Stiles :wink: (I mean this character really is perfectly acted by Dylan O’Brien)
Fav Ships- Hayden & Liam, Scott & Kira, Allison & Isaac
Fav supernatural creature- Nogitsune, werewolf :sunglasses:

This is only for fans of all the three or two or just one. If you are not a fan and you don’t like any of these series then please don’t comment :blush:





Klaus or Elijah

Same as above.


Klaroline :sneezing_face: Davina and Kol too

Vampire diaries:

Bonnie without a doubt (ngl Kai is also goooddd)

Don’t really like either o.O

Katherine and Kai without a doubt. Katherine is amazing.

Bonnie and Enzo :sneezing_face: (again Klaroline)

Teen wolf (currently watching for the third time)

Scott and coach

Hard one… Peter and Theo (something I noticed rewatching it again, in the part where SPOILER: Peter unalived Kate, HIS ACTING WAS SO SO SO GOOD, just look at the scene again and then look good at the look in his eyes )

Scott & Kira, Malia & Stiles

Banshee, werewolf, hellhound.

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Originals ~
Fav character - klaus, hayley, elijah, davina
Fav mikaleson - klaus and elijah
Villain- Lucien
Ships - hayley elijah and kol davina

Tvd ~
Fav character - Damon :heart:
Fav Salvatore - Damon (duh) :heart:
Fav villain - klaus, kai, Katherine
Ships- Delena, klaroline and steroline

TW ~
Fav character - Stiles :heart: and Derek
Villain - void Stiles :heart: and Deucalion
Ships - Scott Allison, Stiles Lydia and Stiles melia
Creature - werewolves, Nogitsune, banshee and Stiles :joy:


Teehee :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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the vampire diares~
favorite character: lexi, stefan, katherine (my guilty pleasure tbh), BONNIE BENNETT, so on so forth ig-

the originals~
klaus, elijah, rebekah.

lizzie, hope, hope’s untalked about and forgotten family

klaus, but hope if they gave her a good storyline and a proper drama/bloody show🥴

stefan <3

if stefanie ever shows up, hopefully she’ll be a dope character…

i mean, in tvd the mikaelson’s were sort of villains-…but yeah? maybe dahlia, she sucks for trying to take hope but i kinda liked her

the vampire diaries: stefan and caroline could’ve genuinely been great, but i feel like it was a tad rushed? the reference to the june wedding was amazing, as was the contrast between stefan never giving her a chance in the beginning to marrying her. buttttt-…could have been written much better😭

the originals: uh, i don’t really have one for some reason. i liked the dynamic with klaus and caroline, but i will always adore klaus and hayley as friends and parents together (platonically):persevere:

legacies: there is nothing that feels healthy anymore that i can think of off the top of my head /j (kinda, not rlly)

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Stiles and Derek.

Peter and Jen.
I was sooo mad when Jen turned out to be a villain cause I shipped her with Derek so hard, don’t come at me :joy::joy:

The above, as I’d said. But we all know what happened… :sleepy:
But… Scott and Allison were super cute in the first season. So them.

Also, this isn’t a ship, but Scott and Stiles’ friendship is>>>> :white_heart::white_heart:

Banshee probably. And the nogitsune that possessed Stiles haha.

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I see “The Originals” and “The Vampire Diaries” in the title and I click :see_no_evil:

Here are my answers!


Favourite character: male: Klaus or Elijah Female: Hayley or Rebekah. I just love (almost) everyone :heart:
Favourite Mikaelson: Ahh, I can’t choose :worried:
Favourite villain: Lucien, man, I loved him :rofl:
Favourite ships: Klaus and Caroline (I know it’s not a very big thing in TO, but Klaroline is my OTP :heart_eyes:), Kol and Davina, Hayley and Elijah


Favourite character: male: Kai and Damon, female: Caroline :heart: Again, I love almost everybody.
Favourite Salvatore: I love them both so much, but Damon.
Favourite villain: Kai is my baby :see_no_evil: and Katherine! And of course the Mikaelsons.
Favourite ship: I had so much ships in this show. Klaroline is my OTP, but I also love Delena, Stelena, Bonenzo, Bonkai… And I would have loved to see more about Damon and Rose.

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Klaus obviously

Davina and kol

Kai parker


Kai parker and klaus

Caroline and klaus (they should have been end game :sob:)



Stiles and lydia

Uhm true alpha.?

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