Discussion: Offensive jokes

Hi I would like to talk about this occurrence I saw on the app and be respectful about this. This is a complex thing to talk about but I think we should talk about this:

  • Some author say offensive stuff about white people and that is unfair since they say they support diversity or equality but they have a lot of prejudices.

What do you think about this? Be respectful about others opinion whether you agree or not.


It’s funny lol. Usually these “white people jokes” are just calling out the racism of those white people who are racist, so it’s hilarious.


I don’t mind when it is calling out racists… lol the problem is when it is jokes that are just in there to mock white people based on the appearence or similar stuff

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Explain the offensive things please! Cause I’ve never seen one

If you mean all the white girls are blue eyed an blondes, I understand

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I am aware that it is different if a poc does a jokes about white people than vice versa but I do think it is kinda discriminatory to do that… just my opinions though I don’t hate the authors or anything like that it is just criticism

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Yeah, I understand that

No I mean saying things like that light skin is ugly… also because there are poc that have light skin

I don’t think anyone says that lol


I’ve literally never read a story where a POC mocks a non POC. Authors that write about POC’s or have POC implemented in their stories are probably well aware about what their writing, because conflict with ‘white/european’ characters and POC is a delicate topic to write about. If you’re referring to the term, reverse racism, then hun, just stop there, because even now, your opinion is very unpopular.


The following statements are being said in a respectful manner and is not an attack.

Would you care to give the name of the story and the author who allegedly said light skin is ugly?
Has this author themselves ever publicly said they care about diversity, or are you grouping them together with those of us who have spoken up for diversity just because the author is a POC? I feel it is important to make this distinction and to be careful not to group anybody together. We are not a monolith and do not speak for each other. If this author has not spoken for diversity, then your statement “they say they support diversity or equality but they have a lot of prejudices” is concerning because it’s a generalization of a whole group of people and is assuming that everybody who falls under the wide POC umbrella thinks and wants the exact same thing.

Also, just so that you’re aware for future reference, in many POC communities, light skin does not mean white. Light skin means light brown. I am considered light skinned in the black community. If you see any references from a poc author, especially from a black author, using the term light skinned, they are not talking about white people; they are talking about people in their own community. When they are talking about white people, they will specifically say white, European or Caucasian. The term literally has nothing to do with white people. So it’s important that we know the context in which a statement is being said.

I would appreciate a specific example for where you allegedly saw the comment that light skin is ugly, such as the story and the author and a screenshot if you have it so that if it’s necessary, some of us may speak with this author privately.

Thank you, dear!


Yes the term light-skinned is used by black people for those who have lighter skin. Such as Taupe for Episode. A character with Sable skin would’ve meant a character with a Taupe skin, think it like that.


I’ve never actually read a a story where a poc mocks a white person because SOME stories on episode never have people of colour, it’s like most authors never use any other skin tone other than the ‘“light” skin tone.

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This is a rather large topic discussed a lot that I see today. This falls into a broader category that can include political correctness and whatnot. And while I really don’t want to get down to the nitty gritty on how I feel, as I don’t feel this is really the place to be discussing this stuff, I will comment somewhat on the matter.

I like edgy humor. I don’t care if you make fun of me, my race, my religion, my beliefs, or anything like that. It’s fair game to me, so long as it is explicitly a joke, and not a character attack, or an attack on general. People can try offending me. I don’t care.

I didn’t say much. I don’t want to say much. I’m most likely in the minority in this community with probably all my political views and such. I just wanted to put in a small bit about how I am with humor. This is a topic that could get out of hand and disrespectful, as much as we wish it wouldn’t. So yeah… that’s all I’m going to say. I’m not sure whether it makes sense or not. But… yeah :joy:


Jokes about white people are generally born out of frustration POC have from living in a world that does not value their lives, contributions, or individuality. I see it as a way of venting/destressing. A joke about potato salad or whatever is pretty harmless and won’t do much to a race that does not experience oppression based on their race.

As for the diversity angle, imo that’s for people who are not traditionally given much representation, or good representation if any. White people are given a lot of face time, with plenty of diverse roles.


Hi, what story are you referring to?

I would like for you to understand that when people make references to white people, it is not to pick on them or anything of the sort — it is to call out the racism displayed by the white folks in this community.

Please understand that white people have not or will ever be a victim of racism. White people are victims of discrimination, prejudices, stereotypes, and ethnocentrism.

Also — I get that you want to make a point with this but please be considerate of the amount of things people of color have been enduring on Episode. From our skin tones being misused and facial features used for mockery, we have had to battle for us to get the right representation.


Sweetie, our jokes are to call out racist white people. If you aren’t racist or have a problem with poc — don’t take it personal. White people have haunted us for centuries. Our jokes will never or could ever be as harmful.


To be honest, I’ve never seen a episode story show ANY RACISIM

While its true that there are a hella lot of ‘Dumb Blond Jokes’, and us Indians also sometimes make fun of the ‘foreigners’ AKA ‘The Whities’ AKA British and Americans, it depends from person to person whether they can or can’t call them offensive. I mean all of those jokes are based on past events, perceptions and prejudices. From where I come from, just because I have a lighter skin tone than the usual one, I’m being made fun of and sometimes even bullied for being an ‘Indian Whitie’, and have also done many horrible things to myself…Anyways, concluding everything, the white jokes have to stop and people need to be honest with themselves and others that whether they support diversity or not.

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Hey, light skinned//mixed black girl here. I get called names such as “light bright” or even “pale face”. As light skinned people of color, yeah, we’re picked on but similar to racism, we benefit off of colorism and regardless of things people call us; it’ll never be as harmful as the 1) the privilege we have over dark skinned folks and 2) the way our appearance is fetishized and upheld compared to those who are darker than us.

Acknowledge your privilege and understand the frustrations our communities have with us. It isn’t our fault but unfortunately, we benefit off of our appearance. And you know very well that in a community of color, the lighter you are the more people uphold you.

Not saying the little remarks are acceptable because they aren’t but Snarky little comments will never be enough to demolish the oppression dark skinned folks have.


It’s so true, the weird fetishes of people wanting to be “whiter”, I’m a light skinned desi, and I always get remarks from people of a darker tone than me, who how that against me.

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