Discussion: Official Episode Stories

I’ve been seeing a lot of threads on stopping certain stories on the platform, so I decided to make this thread. I feel as the years go by official episode stories get worse and worse. Especially last year with, “It All Started With A Bra” and “In My Bed.” Also, don’t get me started on the absurdity of all the gem choices.

Anyway, what are your thoughts about official episode stories?


I think I mentioned this on a few other topics so I apologies for those who’ve read my opinion before. xD

I don’t read official episode stories, mainly because they are romance focused and I feel extremely discouraged when a gem-choice comes up and the two options are either amazing++ & sucky- -.

However, I do think the Episode Featured stories have improved with choices that mattered. I remember like two years ago, one of my forum senpais had like a five paragraph rant on how she spent 50+ gems and her choices did not matter. Now, I do see choices that make an impact in the stories (kinda suckish bc they do cost gems :stuck_out_tongue: )

In regards to gender and sexuality diversity in Featured Stories, I personally find it very easy to create different branches for sexuality / gender differences and I don’t know why the authors / coders that work for episode don’t include gender choices / sexuality choices (I actually think in one of the latest stories they do have a sexuality choice) because their stories would be bringing in more readers thus more likelihood of gem-choices being purchased.

I’d like to see more genres other than romance being featured (especially because of the new requirement that a new-user on the app has to read their featured stories before reading user stories). Perhaps a Horror or Thriller ( thinks of Elise :heart: )
I’d like to also see less-CC stories because though they are popular, and more stories where the MC’s background / ethnicity / race plays a role in the plot.
I’d like to see more stories with a wider age range, like maybe someone in their late 20’s +


To be honest, I do like official episode stories, as long as they have a good plot and have a really interesting storyline. However, spending 20 gems to wear a special outfit to go out for one night really isn’t what I’d like to see… But, I do appreciate spending 20 gems for a special scene you wouldn’t get to have otherwise.

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I never saw “In My Bed”
Someone explain please?

Someone recorded it on youtube and there are many threads about it

It’s basically a story of the MC trying to have sex with two “bad boys”

True, I hate how these “special outfits” matter smh


If Episode is trying to be “sex positive”, they’re doing it terribly wrong!!

What I hate is the reactions when you don’t choose the special outfit
The other characters are like “uhh are you sure?” or will insult
It’s really ridiculous tbh

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true, it degrades the “lesser” outfit but they aren’t even that bad lol

A lot of people have spoken against those types of stories that Episode wrote, but some of them have not been taken down unfortunately, To be honest, I don’t think Episode will just take down a story off their platform just because a few people within the community told them to. A few stories that they’ve made have been inappropriate and against their guidelines that they put in my place and enforced. For example, In My Bed. That story got taken off the platform because so many people within the Episode community were against it and they created some sort of movement against it. Oh, Episode listened alright. They wrote a revised version of that story and gave it a new title. That still didn’t really change the plot of the story. But, anyway, Episode makes their stories based off of the romance genre with cliche story plots. I think that’s how they generate their revenue and make money.


There are old Episode Official stories that I like, such as Death and Clamor at Heartscream Manor, and Meteoric. The only new story I can recall liking is The Baby Project, and even that suffers from the chronic “I lost all my gems in one and half chapters” syndrome. The other ones that I have seen screencaps of seem to be copycats of each other, what with high schoolers having sex and staring at each other. Also, Instant Princess SHOULD have been featured, given how gorgeous it is and how much it is loved, but of course it was shelved in favor of…Positively Princess? Seriously?

The problem is that they don’t care about quality. Sure, most official stories have few grammar, spelling, and coding mistakes (looking at you, The Secret of Rain). But that’s not the problem. The issue is that they’re boring as hell and overdone, making many readers quit reading midway through the first chapter after encountering the first gem choice. Why spend money on something you consider mediocre?

There’s also the major problem of ripping off user stories, but I could go on for ages about that. Sigh.