DISCUSSION: Open Mic Entries Part 2

Alright, the first thread is closed, so here’s a new one. DISCUSSION: OM Entries

Now, I know everyone is literally either still trying to get 100 reads, good feedback, more audience, etc. It can be really frustrating, and downright discouraging, for some.

I know some have already reached their good reader retention, and a good large fanbase/audience, with top reads etc.

But, I am glad that there are people in the community, who are still not giving up on authors who are trying their best to reach 100. Keep on engaging with them so they won’t feel left out. This contest is also for supporting everyone, not just being competitive against each other. I don’t really care about that. Despite so many entries for this contest, don’t give up on authors who are still trying and looking out for support.

If you know any author, or yourself, who needs 100 reads, drop your story name and link. I don’t need all info about the story, just the name and the link please.

Entires that needs 100 reads:

  1. OM: Out Of Breath
  2. OM: Perfectly Imperfect
  3. OM: Let’s Get Married!
  4. OM: Dinosaur Rush
  5. OM: Another Chance
  6. OM: Heart of Stone
  7. OM: Perfect Strangers
  8. Rhythm of Our Hearts

(I’ll update the list for more…)

If you want to discuss your entry progress or another author’s entry, feel free. This is an open discussion for the OM contest, after all.

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Me :raised_hand:t2:

Story title- OM: Mission Abort

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