Discussion/Opinion: Should Episode Review Personal/Triggering Stories? (explained more in post)



I wanted to post this to hear your opinions! I know I have my own, and i want to hear some of what you guys think. Idk if there’s already a thread on this, but i think i’m the first person to explain this. there’s threads on situations mentioned here but not specifically on the what i’m talking about.

So, a lot of people know that Episode has some stories that touch on personal topics, like mental disorders, bullying, sexual abuse and more. I think it’s good that they’re including stories that aren’t just about romance, but including stories that have real life issues and bringing the topic to that. That’s important. But sometimes they’re not exactly… representing it correctly.

There’s some stories that are good, but there are some that aren’t using the situation correctly, glorifying it, romanticizing it, shedding light on it, etc. It’s very common for people to misunderstand some triggering/personal situations so there’s 100% a reason as to why the story might not use it right. It’s common and it’s normal. But. as an outcome, the reader might get triggered, offended, or upset that a situation they faced/are facing is being written in a story that isn’t even correctly using it. This isn’t the reader’s fault, the author’s fault, or episode’s fault, it’s nobody’s fault. But I do think that this could be prevented at least a little bit.

1. Episode reviews featured stories or popular stories involving triggering scenarios. I know Episode won’t have time to do all this, but if they’re going to feature it, they should check it out more. I’m pretty sure episode already reviews stories they feature, but I kind of want them to research and look into it more. If it’s going to be featured and on the main page, more people are going to read it, and more people might get offended or hurt by it. I do believe Episode should look into these stories a bit more, such as It Starts With A Bra.

2. Episode leaves out a disclaimer to authors. I don’t know if they have done this already, but I strongly believe there should be a disclaimer when authors are going to write a story. Not only about this situation, but other disclaimers that are common mistakes when someone is writing. I think that when they’re about to start a story that episode should make a little pop up message that tells them that they should make sure to research what they’re going to write about, or something like that. People may ignore it, but there are some people who are going to read it and remember “Oh, I should probably do some research on eating disorders since I’m making a story on it”.

Please tell me if you think they should do this too, or if you think that authors should just be more careful! And please remember, that even if it doesn’t offend you, it can offend people going through it at the moment. This isn’t a hate thread of anything, just me giving some ideas to prevent an issue that I see a lot throughout the app!


I really agree that there needs to be something for this. Sadly a lot of stories misrepresent situations, disorders and other things of the like that are potentially triggering for people. While Episode really is busy with creating new assets, modifying the app and creating new artwork and all the things they need to do, it would be pretty nice for some sort of something to be put into place to inform writers to do research on serious topics that they use in their stories.


Yess, i agree! A simple disclaimer could help remind many people who often forget to research what they write about.


it’s probably more realistic for them to just review the story because authors probably won’t listen to their request that the topic be researched, but this really should be implemented.



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