Discussion: Plagiarism on Envy

Question for you Authors.

If someone took your hard work, had every word for word narration, the flash forwards, scenes, and all the story ideas which they had copied from your story and you posted it on your instagram to tell your readers/followers on how upset you are that this particular person copied from your story…

But you are getting the " you’re just over-reacting" the bit that your story, your hard-working story was just plagiarized and all you get is " you’re overreacting".

I’m asking since Cindy Gaultier’s story, Envy, was recently copied by another Episode user, storiesbycarter, who denies that he has plagiarized the story and having his followers to attack Cindy. What kind of Episode Author does that? To send out their followers to attack another?

Copying, being inspired and plagiarism are all completely different concepts. Also, a little PSA: Just because someone else’s story “inspires you” - this does NOT give you the right to copy the content of where you are drawing your inspiration from. Plagiarism and using something as inspiration for your own work is completely different and this concept is apparently getting forgotten

If it happened to me I would NOT be chill if someone copied my story in this way. Since I put my all in my story, I worked hard on to make my story so readers can enjoy my work. No one realizes the hard work/brainstorming/stress writers go through with their stories. Yes, there will always be similar concepts but it’s all about putting your OWN ideas and themes in it.

Now, Cindy did have a conversation with Carter, the author of Sorority Stalker. Which is the story that has some bits and pieces matching the opening of Envy. She decided to have a conversation with him which we all thought he was handling it, he was respectful at first but then he got rude. She asked him to remove only the parts which he copied. He refused to remove all the parts that he copied. He even admitted in dm that he copied many things from Envy. Including campus crush.

If he did the right thing by taking responsibility from the beginning, Cindy wouldn’t have posted this and the whole situation would be done with but no, he didn’t take responsibility. Which the skeletons are out of his closet that he admitted that he plagiarized from Envy and not to mention Campus Crush are in her story.

After their conversation, Carter decided to do some EDITS of making Cindy look bad. Which we know she isn’t a bad person, he tried to photoedit some of the words from their DM to make her look like the bad guy and he is the innocent victim that’s being accused. The tried to make himself a victim. He’s playing the victim card on his insta account. Acting like he’s all clueless on why Cindy is upset with him… Also, what’s also disappointing is that SMK.episode is following him and Shay.episodee follow him.

One of the funniest things is in his story he’s not really apologizing. He’s pretty much-saying Cindy took what he did the wrong way, and that this whole situation is HER fault. When it’s really HIS fault for stealing.

Plagiarism is no joke and those who are defending carter probably never had anything stolen from them. That never had their hard work stolen from them. It’s proven he’s unapologetic in his story also because he showed what the girl I just mentioned said on her story on his. In his IG story, he said that he copied absolutely nothing from her! And here we have evidence from Cindy to prove that he is lying to all of us.

He plagiarized Envy and of course, there are Campus Crash moments in Sorority Stalker. Which he took from Episode’s story. The first chapter of Sorority Stalker and it reminded me of the first chapter of the original Campus Crush. The roommate walked into the room arguing with her ex just like Angie did in Campus Crush.

He’s copying both Envy and Campus Crush. Which is just unoriginal and unimaginative.

It’s sad that she had evidence against him but his followers would rather want to believe him, he manipulated them very well into taking his side on the whole situation. Even those are leaving Cindy because they think she’s causing this “unnecessary drama”, first off, she isn’t causing this drama, she’s bringing awareness that her story has been plagiarized by someone who has put no hard work/imagination or an original plot and just copied their story. Those who follow Cindy even EXCUSE his behavior of taking her story saying he was “inspired by her”. Again, Copying, being inspired and plagiarism are all completely different concepts. Just because someone else’s story “inspires you” - this does NOT give you the right to copy the content of where you are drawing your inspiration from. Plagiarism and using something as inspiration for your own work is completely different and this concept is apparently getting forgotten.

If they want to believe a manipulative episode author, they can go ahead and believe him, excuse the evidence that Cindy has shown that he admitted to being unoriginal. Excuse that she put her hard work just like every episode author out there that put their all in their stories only to get them snatched by someone who is unoriginal, they can go ahead. Clearly, they have NO CLUE what it’s like to have their hard-work story stolen.

Even this is also a question for you readers as well. If you see similarities between a story that you’ve read before and one that has a similar taste, what would you do? Would you brush it off like it’s nothing or would you do something about it?

Also here’s evidence:


If he’s covered his story up just enough the worst part would be that episode wouldn’t do anything. We obviously all saw how similar positively princess was to instant princess making it clear that as long as the majority of the audience is okay with it then they don’t care how unoriginal the story is


I only read his story yesterday and it did indeed seem like campus crush!

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I was infuriated when I read this. I might be younger than many who play Episode, but denying and trying to not face the truth is just immature. Honestly.

Plagiarism is a serious issue, an issue that can face severe consquences. I bet the author of Sorority Stalker wouldn’t dare to plagiarise information on an essay. That could result being expelled an being on a permanent record.

So why do people still plagiarise? Because they can get away from it! As simple as that.

The fact that the author still manages to face no consquences for his wrongdoings just makes me wonder how he manages it. When solid evidence is given, people should know better than just not to trust the evidence. I admit it, if there isn’t evidence I wouldn’t believe it. BUT THERE IS. And yet they are still being so immature and denying the truth is just…horrible.

Cindy is handling things the right way, but I can imagine how annoyed she is. There’s a saying that I’ve learnt from my grandma:

If you don’t do the wrong thing: That’s the best.

If you do the wrong thing, it’s not the best.
But if you admit you did, there’s still hope for you.

If you don’t…that’s the worse.

The author that copied Envy was doing the worse possible thing. And I do hope that Episode does something about this.

UPDATE: I just found out that that story was FEATURED?

That simply adds fuel into my rage.
Episode should’ve just reported the story in an instant! But it’s featured? Even the covers have plenty of similarities!



How could anyone do that!
So angry right now.

Say it louder! When I first read the story, it felt weird to me. And then I found out it was a copy of Envy. Instead it’s super whitewashed. Atleast Envy had Diversity. :roll_eyes: Even the damn covers are the same!


am i the only one who hasn’t read any of these stories

when did envy and sorority stalker come out

why didn’t episode know it was plagiarism?
she has 3.7m reads!

oh my gosh- its like campus crush im dying

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I haven’t read Envy either however I have checked out episode one of Sorority Stalker but most likely won’t be continuing after seeing all these comments & proof about the eerie similarities between the two stories : /

Also, I checked out the author’s IG and she seems stressed over this and even DMed the writer of Sorority Stalker, who was “inspired” by her story to talk to him about copying her work : (

If we were in her position, I’m sure we’d be devastated too, knowing someone plagiarized our story and we are helpless to do anything about it since it’s still published and available to read.

Come on Episode, protect author’s rights. We don’t care if a story blows up and is super popular, if it copies so much material from another source, then that’s just disgusting. Plain and simple as that.

I encourage you to check out the author’s IG and read her posts about this as well as the comments-you’ll see that she’s even be trolled by his fans.

Yikes :broken_heart:


Just noticed that too. A mixture of Envy and Campus Crush


I don’t get why everyone needs to get included in this mess. I don’t think the fans should get involved, this should be talked about through both the authors, and the episode team.


Wow. Sad.

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Fans do love being involved because they want to help out people they’re a fan of ^^
It happens : )
Sometimes, it can get out of control though…
However, I do agree that it’s best settled between both of the authors and the Episode team.

Also, I’m not so sure about the author of Sorority Stalker since his IG account is on private, but I know that the author of Envy posted about this issue on her account where her fans commented.

If the “fight/dispute” is out there, posted for everyone to see, many people will end up getting involved even though it’s best settled between only the parties affected and the platform they are on.

Natural human instinct, I guess… :thinking:


Sorority Stalker was gone from Sept Picks!!


Thank goodness! I also learned that Episode is looking into StoriesByCarter

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That’s awesome!

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I read both stories and Carter did not copy Envy. There was nothing similar about those stories at all. Even the Episode director person sent him an email and said that they couldn’t find any similarities in the story. Oh and that Cindy is a not a very nice person. She blocked me and a lot of others just because we told the truth. I really liked Envy but I will not be reading anything else by her. I feel like this definitely should’ve been handled in a better way. I don’t want to start any drama here but I thought I would just share my thoughts about this situation. Have a good day!