Discussion: Please Stop Complaining about Cliche story's!


  • Okay, I have seen a lot of people bashing other authors for writing a lot of Bad Boy stories and some other things.

This is what I have to say

NUMBER ONE You don’t have to read it.
NUMBER TWO People can make whatever they want to make.
NUMBER THREE If you have a problem with it. Please make your own story.




Right, so understand it’s getting annoying but y’all complain 24/7… Plus a lot cliche story’s are good…


This is what I don’t like. We can never know if a story is clichè until we have read it. But, I guess I will disagree with you.

I feel like we have that right to complain about cliche stories especially if it’s everywhere especially if episode is buying all stories that are cliches.

Yes, people can do whatever they want with their story, but once again, we all have that prerogative to complain about it, lmao. It’s called constructive criticism, or in some cases, flat-out dislike.

Edit: I don’t have an issue with cliche stories when it’s done in a tasteful way.


I don’t mind those stories, but the shelves are full of them. It’s really hard to find interesting stories when most of them are the same.


Yeah, I understand. Some story’s get the MC pregnant at the end of the story.

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Please stop saying we “don’t have to read” stories with certain cliches. We know that. And the issues generally aren’t “no one can use a cliche ever” the issues are “some cliches keep inundating the app with dynamics and relationships that are harmful, especially to the young readers the app is geared towards.”

If someone wants to write a social outcast “bad boy” and a shy MC, that’s not inherently a bad thing, whether or not I want to read it. But when the cliches show that toxic jealousy, manipulation, and ignoring boundaries are desirable qualities to look for in a partner or relationship, then yes we will keep talking about it in the hopes that authors will reconsider the content they’re putting out.

Yea, people can write whatever they want. Doesn’t mean people can’t offer critique about the messages stories send.


:clap:t4: Say it louder for the people in the back,


As bad as it sounds, when you put something up, you’re asking to be critisized.

No matter what you do, someone will end up getting offended.

And, stop saying “Don’t read it”. It’s literally every popular story on the app, making it hard to find any decent ones.


You can basically tell if a story is a cliche in the bio, if it has Gang leader, Bad boy, pregnancy, anything like that 9 time out for 10 it’s a cliche, but it’s her opinion, if you can express your opinion about how you dislike cliches then she can express hers :woman_shrugging:
Just don’t be hypocrites


I should’ve worded it different but, I’m saying is that y’all complain24/7 about it. There’s always gonna be cliche story’s no matter what. Do I think there should be more creativity on the app? Yes, I do think that.


The only reason I’m complaining is because the trending section is dominated by those kind of stories and it gives me a hard time finding something decent to read.


I have to agree with @hibiscusgravy here, because l don’t even think that most people would complain about cliche stories. I personally think some of them are pretty well-written, the problem is that some others only revolve around the secksy scenes if anyone read my other post from today and they feel like I’m contradicting myself, I was kidding in that particular thread, and themes that are inappriopriate for younger readers. So while I know that everyone can write about whatever they want, honestly, I won’t stop complaining about it


Lol if people can make whatever they want then people can say whatever they want about what is made. Why should someone be free to publish whatever they want but the readers have to limit what they want to say about it? I understand that people hating can be annoying but, they’re free to voice their opinions. Also, not all complains are hating some people are just pointing out things that need a little work and that are very insensitive.
You have the right to make this thread complaining about complaints but telling people to stop what they’re free to do is very :grimacing:


I said what I said. :woozy_face:


You don’t have to like it, but respect that we criticize these things specifically because we consider them harmful influences, not because we see them as innocuous but annoying cliches. And if you would rather dismiss all of it as “complaining 24/7” and “bashing,” then I really don’t know what to tell you. If anything, this just illustrates to me how important it is to keep actively speaking about them - which is what I will continue to do.

Also, a thread prompt that amounts to “just be quiet” isn’t exactly conducive to good discussion.


All I said was if you have problem with how many cliche stories there on episode. Please make your own episode story than rather complaining about it. Their are a lot of authors who get bash on here just for a story y’all don’t like. I understand there’s a lot of cliche stories but, do y’all have to complain about it 24/7? Y’all not changing nothing. Just go make a story since cliche stories are soooo bad to read. I said what I said!!


I am.

And no, I will not stop “complaining.” I know my influence, I know what I’m doing, and I know what I want to say and will keep saying.


Good for you :smile:

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That’s not true. We don’t bash people stories because we don’t like them. If we are ever “bashing” stories it’s because of the content that is in the story. Like Hibiscus said,

Right here, is why we criticize stories.

We can write a story on our own and still give our honest feedback about a story. Once you put your story out and it’s live. Then people have that obligation to “complain.”


Well in the same vein, just “don’t read” the “complaints” if you don’t like them. :man_shrugging:

You can have your opinion, but just because someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t mean they’re not also entitled to their own opinion, which you asked for. If you’re tired of “complaints,” you’re under no obligation to read or listen to them. Why not make your own thread where you talk about what you like about cliches? Or does “don’t read it” only apply to those with a dissenting opinion about how specifically problematic cliches impact impressionable readers?