Discussion : Pregnant By My Student


Which guy did you choose in Pregnant By My Student?
Did you like the story?
One of my absolute fave stories & I love @NoobLoop & she killed it and I was 100% Team Axel and chose to marry him happily at the end and keep the baby. Who did you choose and did you choose to keep the baby?


Team Axel forever :joy::revolving_hearts:


Hot bad boy & our original baby daddy!!:slight_smile:


Yassss of course like I ain’t getting rid of my baby


Yess I kept it too!
Did you love the story?
One of my absolute faves & Noob Loop is amazing.


Yasssss loved it so much :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Me too.
Noob Loop writes so well


A lot of people like it, but it isn’t really my thing. Didn’t really find the boys likable, and by the time that all the main drama was over (when the stuff with James came along), I found it a bit boring, and kinda gave up on it.

I also dislike the idea of student-teacher relationships. Just 'cause the genders are flipped doesn’t make it okay. Oh, and, there was this line in the story, something Axel said about such relationships… :unamused:

But I’m glad you guys are able to find something in it while I couldn’t! Art is always cool in that way.


um i read the first episode and saw the blonde guy punch the mc in the bar and i was like im out. LOL


Thanks for saying this in a respectful way :slight_smile:


I love Axel in this story!


I love him too!:slight_smile:
Him and the MC were amazing
I love student-teacher romances


@PaulParmar1 why though? It’s highly inappropriate


Team Axel :heart::grin: