Discussion : Pretty Little Liars (Episode Story)

What did you think of Pretty Little Liars story?
Did you like or dislike it and why?
If you watched the show, do you think they represented the characters well?
Did u want the MC to be with Noel Kahn or Bryan?
Who was your fave character?
Do you want another one?

I loved the story. The story was so much fun to read and felt just like the show which is one of all time faves. I do want another season for sure. I think they did a decent job of representing the characters. I wanted the MC to be with Noel by the end of the 2nd one because her & Bryan fizzled out imo. My fave character was deffo Aria because of the show but loved the MC. Overall one of my absolute fave featured stories.
Your thoughts?

I loved Noel in the show too however I know you didn’t read S2 that’s when Noel becomes an option for the MC to date him or Bryan. In S1 it’s all very focused on Bryan but in S2 you kinda get a choice through choices who to be with and I ended up with Noel.:slight_smile:
I doubt they’re making another season however like u said, they do take a long time with it

I binged it the past two days. You won’t regret it.
Season 2 is even better then Season 1!
& the show is even better then the episode story haha.

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