Discussion: Promoting a story

Hahaha are you kidding me? :laughing:

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I tried the r4r before and promoting my stories on the forums but unfortunately it didn’t work.

I was basically told that my stories are that way because I was so slow at writing…. True, I am slow but I find it extremely difficult to stick to a deadline.

I don’t know how else I can promote my stories

I have Instagram and I have all my stories and my upcoming stories on there, I’ve never communicated with any authors unless they are my friends, my stories unfortunately don’t go anywhere.

I feel like I have started about 3 or 4 different stories for people but they get nowhere… I’ve been told in the past to just write one story but only writing one makes me feel like a failer too.

These are the stories that have more than one chapter

Yea, I’ve tried but they’ve just ignored me

A few of them have, but I’m so nervous to actually go and ask, for me, I kind of have to get them to come to me because I don’t have the confidence

I’m defiantly trying, I’m better than I used to be, not quite there though yet

Thank you,

I try so hard, it’s just extremely difficult, when my confidence is knocked

As I said I don’t really have experience in this as an author, but as a reader I’m much more interested in stories of active members on the forums because I already have a picture of their personality and this often makes me curious about their work. I don’t think you can make any impression on people by just sharing your story because on the app we have thousands to choose from. I have a promotion thread with hundreds of stories and even though I’m not even half way of reading them, the next story what I’m going to read is from an author who posted it only a few days ago but I see her often around and I really like her posts. (Sorry, everyone else…)

I agree with the advice you got. Try focusing on one story and make it as good as possible. I have stories into which I didn’t put too much effort and although they got the reads, they barely got any positive feedback (for my most read story 80% of my fanmail was “why is this so short”). As for my later stories, I’m trying to put much more effort: if I feel a chapter is short I won’t publish it until I figured out what to add, and although I’m very lazy and bad at directing I do spend hours on a scene if it is necessary, and believe me I didn’t do this in the past. Since then I started getting positive feedback and I think it’s much more important than the number of your reads.

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I never used to be on the forum, it’s only been within the last few months, this is where I met my closest friend and I don’t know what I would do without her @HumaiaraBee, she’s been everything to me over the last few months.

As for my stories, yes I have about 4 stories on the go, but I only ever have my concentration on one of them at a time,


Mafia Star is on Chapter 6 and because it’s on chapter 6 I’m taking a break and I’ve gone back to This is me which only has 4 chapters out. The Jenkins is such a sad story that it’s taking me a while to write it. It’s still only on chapter 1.

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Be proud of your work! Never feel like a failure in anything you do in life. I will admit, I have come across some great stories by doing some reads 4 reads and made some great friends along the way. But after doing it for so long I kinda burned out.

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I just can’t seem to get anywhere and I feel like a failure because of it.

My stories aren’t absolutely AMAZING, but the fact that they are less than 100 makes me feel even worse

I need to work on this but I also have a hard time of keeping the conversation flowing. I’m more of answer the thread and then I’m out kinda of person. See me doing it right now lol.


What’s your opinion on promoting a story?
I think it’s great.Story promotion usually helps people know that your story exist since episode doesn’t have a feature that would notify your fans about your new story release.
Do you have any tips to offer?
Tips…ummm…I will suggest you to keep your main focus on two things the story plot and the story cover.The story cover attracts reader’s attention and an interesting plot helps your readers to continue reading.Forum story sharing threads are also a nice way.Just take care of the no.of replies on each thread.Personally I would never share my story in a thread that is above 50 or 80 replies.Nobody would really see your story if it’s at the last unless they use the jump down feature.

Do you think r4r are pointless?
If you ask my opinion then yes.Because many people get cheated while doing r4rs.If you are thinking of doing one.I’d suggest you to ask the person go ahead first and ask them to send you the screenshot of your story completion status.Not many will agree on that but that way you’ll get honest readers.

Do you promote your story on other social media outlets?

I had instagram once that i used for my first and second story promotion but due to mature content gone viral there I left instagram.I did get a lot of attention on my first story but on the second one I didn’t get much as compared to the first one so once again I think it depends all upon the story.People prefer reading stories according to season.Halloween best for horror or thriller stories, valentine for romantic stories etc etc.Hope this helps you. :slight_smile:


I try to keep a conversation open too, but it’s difficult when the other person doesn’t reply

I have tried social media, I’m on Instagram and there I post updates, upcoming chapters and stories, people like the posts but they don’t actually read the story.

As for r4r, I did that once and nothing came of it, . I read there story, gave feedback but there was nothing about my story, so I gave up on r4r long ago.

:thinking: You raised a good point.

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If I am trying to show my story, I make a new thread or add it to a thread that only has 3 or 4 replies.

Yea, I had a few authors that didn’t respond to me as well. But at the end of the day focus more on your content. You have to remember why did you start writing in the first place. I noticed by using certain hashtags on IG. I gained more readers that way.