Discussion: Puppeteer


Hey guys! I’m not sure any of you have heard of Puppeteer, it was featured on the mysterious shelf around a year ago. I loved it so much, it was very different compared to other episode stories, it started with a murder and goes with you investigating it along with a group of friends you meet later on. You have a clue book, hints and suspects. Your choices matter, you choose what to investigate and look for. There’s also a little opening scene where an old guy reminds you what happened last chapter and he always ends up arguing with the author :joy: There are even mini-games were you get an extra hint/bonus scene if you remember your clues and characters well. It’s amazing. Unfortunately, I noticed that it went missing in my library, then I realized that it was actually discontinued. The author didn’t even leave her account or anything, everything dissapeared. All I remember about her is that her name is Jasmine. I found out around two weeks ago, and I’m still very disappointed. Does anyone know anything about this? Here’s a picture of what it looks like now.


Yeah i just read the updated version and have been waitin for Cyberpunk for yrs and now she just stopped :frowning: hope shes ok


Same. I just hope I could find her social media account, any of them tbh. Do you remember her name?


Sadly no.
I went to see if she updated(not too long ago) and never got a screenshot sorry


Its okay! Hopefully she shows up sometime soon.


Hope so.
Maybe she just got burned out of episodes


I want to read this now, what style is it in?


ink! I dont think you can find the story though, since its been discontinued and all.