DISCUSSION: Quality v/s reads

Would you rather have a poor-written story with lots of reads (at the point where you unlock payments), or do you prefer to publish a story that is well written but has less than 1,000 reads?

There’s no good or bad answer, generating money from your stories must be awesome. But I want to know because I’m having an internal conflict. I want my stories to be read, that’s why I’m incorporating topics that are common on the app (not cliches). The problem is that I don’t like the result that much, I wish to stick 100% to my style (I’m really dark, my original scripts involve fictional political conflicts, philosophy, extremely traumatic events, etc) but I’m afraid to go against guidelines, so I censor myself.

So my plan is to start with stories that the average reader would read, and then take more risks once I already have a decent amount of followers.


Personally I’m very dependable on feedback. Without it I may not continue the story at all. So I choose a lot of readers. It’s means that my story liked by a lot of readers.

That makes no sense, if the story has reads, it probably means it was really good and was enjoyable.

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I agree. Maybe I like extremely dark themes, but I need to adapt to what the readers want to read. Also, many of them are minors, so I won’t introduce harmful topics. I’m not trying to satisfy everyone since I started writing for myself, but I changed the way I presented the plot (directing, coding, and dialogues) so it’s compatible with the readers.

Sorry but that’s not true. I’ve seen boring and cliche stories with millions of reads. I don’t say this to shame the authors, I respect their hard work, but it’s the truth :((


I think that there saying like those ‘cliche’ and ‘over-used’ story plots that are featured on episode’s home page.

like 'Amelia came back home after college and meet an old enemy of hers from high school. Will Amelia hold her grudge against him forever? Or will they grow closer?"

LIKE THOSEEEE- lowkey everyone knows their boring as hell, but they still get featured cause people like those stories

and those kinds of stories get tons of reads and that’s how you make the BANK.

Key word Probably

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I WAS AFRAID TO SAY IT :skull: :skull: :skull:

I tried to find a balance between what I like and what the readers want. My personal style it’s not compatible with Episode guidelines and the readers, but I tried to adapt my stories so the average reader can enjoy them.

That means that I don’t 100% like them, but that’s fine.

I personally did not start writing for money, and I get why authors do so but you should stick to what you want to write - that’s what matters. Write what makes you happy. If you keep doing that, eventually you’ll get true readers and most importantly, you’ll be proud of yourself for accomplishing what you wanted to do.



i understand that!!! i think that you should do what you like- maybe a good practice for you could be entering the R&R contest- and testing that out!! so many people are entering with unique stories!!

even for my entry- its super plain to me and its just a plain drama and romance story!!

personally- i like writing action & romance stories. i feel like when theres just a romance story its boring? i just don’t know how to write a good romance story probably HAHAHAHAHA. but i like having something in way and a reason for the MC to take a break from there relationship if that makes since.


I get what you mean :heart:

Follow your heart!
Personally for me, I’d rather write something that I love eventhough I know I might not get to 100000+ reads in a short time. Reads increase rather slowly but I’m happy with what I am writing. Ofc getting to unlock the payments is good but most importantly, do what you like!

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As a reader I always look for quality. But I see how that can change if you’re a writer. The point is that there will always be people ready to appreciate a very overused storyline as well as a creative and innovative one.

If the story has clichés, there’s people who’ll read it for the clichés. Probably not the best story out there, but one with an audience.

If the story is unique and well done, it’ll eventually gather a dedicated fandom too. If it’s advertised, it’ll just happen slowly.

The point is that recurring elements are comforting to find, while new ones trigger curiosity. Both of which have their own power. So, do what you think you’ll enjoy writing most and what will make you proud. If well done, readers will come either way as a consequence.


I sincerely prefer to write a well-written story, which has less than 1,000 readings. It’s not much, yes, but I’m a person who puts quality above all else. Even though an author’s goal is to see that many people enjoy his stories. But the thing is that Episode has an audience that loves cliché, and that’s why the trending section is full of these stories.

The other problem is the perception that differs from the author to the reader. Sometimes there are authors who want to write their stories the way they imagined them, but are obligated to give in to the demands of their readers to satisfy them. Like I’ve seen a lot of people claim that there has to be more drama, jealousy, spicy things in the stories, otherwise they’re automatically boring.

Personally these are things I hate. I have no problem reading stories that contain drama, but when it gets too much and all the episodes show how ridiculous and immature the characters are, jumping to conclusions all the time, and there is no character development, I don’t read them anymore. So in reality it all depends on the reader’s taste.

But if one day I’m going to write a story, I think I’ll choose my judgment before my readers’ because in the end, it’s MY plot, MY characters, and the vision I had for MY story. However, that doesn’t mean that I won’t listen to those who decide to give me some feedback. As you said, finding a balance is important, but I will certainly not be shy about continuing my story the way I planned it.

That’s my opinion :sneezing_face:


Yes, that’s why I started writing :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :pleading_face:

That’s true!

That’s why I inspired by my own personal problems. It’s easy for me to make the story realistic if something similar happened to me in real life. I created a “dramatic” and cruel character that’s it’s inspired by me (how I was in the past), so I don’t overexaggerate (I hope so).

That was my plan but believe me when I say that my original stories were dark. I included many obscure topics and I realized that most of them go against the guidelines, so I can’t include them :((

I will give just one example, please don’t read if you are sensitive

In one of my stories, the main character lost her cat because a neighbor poisoned the animal. Unfortunately, this happened to me in real life and it’s common where I live, so I wrote a whole chapter about her being angry and wanted to take revenge because that’s how I felt at that moment. I included how people mock her for “overexaggerating” for a cat because my classmates used to make fun of me for suffering for my pet (I just was a little girl, it hurt me). Maybe this not that terrible for some people, but I chose the least terrible for this example.

So just to clarify, I only included more narrations, romantic scenes (I literally had like 5 in my whole stories :skull:), and other things that I often see in popular stories to attract more readers (for example choices, I didn’t have many of them on the story). The storyline’s the same, I just changed the way I present my story so I really hope to have my own style that people recognize :pleading_face: :pleading_face:


I’d rather have a good quality story. I’d be embarrassed to blow up with something totally shitty and have that be one of my biggest Episode accomplishments.


same here

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Ngl, the first one is appealing, purely because of the money and the base you could grow from that kind of exposure and popularity, in turn being beneficial for the next story to come.

But I’m a “quality” writer, I take a lot of time to write and code, I write down directing ideas that come to mind, I like creating custom poses, I have a gazillion overlays for most scenes and I render my own backgrounds and overlays from 3D models when I need to and even go as far as “animating” wheels and helicopter rotors etc, but I get envious when I see stories with very basic directing, repeated(/overused?) storylines with many, many reads resulting in payments but I cannot force myself to write any other way than I do now. My brain just won’t let me but I guess to a degree it makes me feel like all of the effort I put into my work may be pointless. :thinking:
With that being said, the best stories I’ve ever read have been ones that are not well-known and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the amount of effort those authors have put in, so none of their added details go to waste because I can relate.
So, I’m encouraging you to stay to true to yourself because you will write best if you like what you’re writing and there will be people who will appreciate every single line of code you’ve put into your story.

As for your style, I’d stay on the safe side and avoid any heavy or in-depth political conflicts.


I think you can have a cake and eat the cake! Stories that are well read don’t have to be poorly written or basic. Write what you like, update often and if the story is good enough, it will find a broader audience! I always promised myself “this time it will be simple” but after all I’ve never done an easy story but reads just came there after updating :hugs: try to keep your readers engaged as you would be engaged while reading a story. Well written story doesn’t have to be boring, doesn’t have to be badly read.