DISCUSSION : Races in Episode


If you aren’t willing to listen and try to understand then don’t ask. Wasting our time


I gotta give props to the authors who actually admit they are in the wrong though, people can learn a thing or two from them. That’s also why I feel like people should PM authors who have done something they are offended by, rather than doing the whole “exposing” them, thing.


Sometimes it’s best to expose the authors of their supremisist ways. We get to know their true colors


I actually know of a popular author who blocked people who PM’d her about being in the wrong so you’re definitely right there. I’m not gonna mention any names but it’s really awful to know how close-minded people can actually be…


I grew up in Minnesota, where POC barely covered 8% of the population, but even though I am light-skin/black, if my story was set in Minnesota, most of the background and co-main characters would be white, luckily, my story is set in Hawaii, where I live now, and there is a much wider variety of races and colors, so I do have loads of poc characters and asian characters. I don’t think it would effect the story toooo much if the author added poc-lgbt characters as long as they have a reasonable explanation for why they are in a place which is mostly white


Yeah. But if there just whites, there is gonna be a problem m. And even if it is, at least add some people in the LGBT+ community.


I kinda understand why some stories are just white (although i still think they should try to add some poc) but yeah i definitely agree with you


I mean, Koreans tend to be very pale. But that’s due to colorism, cultural diffusion, skin bleaching, makeup, surgery… and it’s often the famous people. The other 80% of Korea is tan, especially in the 90s. They make excuses now, saying that it was “just a trend”. But there’s idols who are naturally tan/dark!


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Location should totally be taken into account. In places like America you would expect a diverse cast but if the story is based in some place like India, it would just be unrealistic to have lot’s of white people for an example.


Exactly! That’s the problem people have when they think diversity is all about race. Every country has some form of diversity — you don’t need to shoehorn in other races to have a diverse cast! There’s the LGBT community, disabled people, different religions and there usually is some immigration from other countries, even if the race change isn’t really obvious.

I always say to people that if you’re going to put unusual diversity in a country that doesn’t usually have it, make sure you comment on the fact that the person being in that country is unusual. People in the real world would be surprised to see, say, a Korean woman living in India. It would be something they’d talk to her about. If people don’t do that in their stories, it makes their diversity seem really fake and artificial — not the best image for positive diversity.


Exactly, what’s the point of being racially diverse if it doesn’t make sense to the storyline? It just ruins it!






in Hamilton it doesn’t “make sense” that the cast is all people of color playing founding fathers but they still add diversity anyways because not all stories have to adhere to only a certain race and diversity is important. Think of color blind casting. It’s a suspension of disbelief.


Y’know, I’ve noticed that some writers would make all of their main characters white, then all of the background ones black/mixed. Then they claim that they support equality because they also include some black people even though they don’t want black main characters. But let’s take Adrenaline for example; it takes place in Britain, and there are so many people of all races. I understand the importance of diversity, but as an east european, I never in my life saw a black person. Only on the internet.


I don’t know if I agree. They could’ve found another way to add diversity if it was required