Discussion:read for read are useless

Now, I’m thinking about making a thread on how to get reads on episode

Okay, so do y’all think read for reads are useless?

In my opinion I think there are because of half of these people will only read the first episode of your story. Then, they want you to read there story but for you to actually get reads the person need to read the second episode.

To any new authors please do not do read for reads it’s useless and your wasting your time!!!


I have seen where people put you must read and message me screen shots of at least first 3 episodes of my store for me to read yours. I have seen that work for a lot.

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Yeah, there most likely not to continue your story

I don’t think they are useless if the person posts screenshots on something like instagram so that it may attract other readers.

HOWEVER, what I think can be harmful is if you’re spending all your time reading stories you don’t even like instead of working on your own story.

The time it takes to read three chapters of something you don’t love, could be used on making your stories better which will more likely attract readers.


Yeah, I agree

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Agree 100%!

Agree but its one of the fastest ways to get your story out there. You have to promote and do R4Rs and things like this if you want to get reads.

It’s not fastest way to promote your story. I think I should make a thread on how to get reads because read for reads are the last resource to get your story out there

I almost got 200 reads. over half of those are from r4r. it helped me to reach the 100 reads I need to qulify to the Magicka contest

and its not that I have not been promoting. . I been very active in insta . a lot of people I did r4r with shared my story because they loved it. but that still have not done much for me. I am very gratefull for all who has done it. but getting people to read your story with out r4r is very hard.

and who only do one. I do 3 chapters. because that is the minimum of a story release.


Agree, I am working on the contest now and it’s the only way I will get the required reads that and sharing on my IG to fully enter.
@Episode.makayla101 If you know better ways yes make it. I just don’t have other ways that I know of other then R4Rs and sharing with the very few that follow back people on my IG. It could be very helpful. Please if you do tag me I would love to see the other ways you have for help on getting mine out and read when I get my bg approved. :slight_smile:



I dont have other ways. I just post a lot of pictures. and do a lot of r4r. many have been so nice to share my story. but we all are not popular authors so getting seen is hard.

a lot of people have been helpfull. and support my story. its a really good story. and I been told that a lot . but just because its good dosent mean people will read it. espically when you are a small unknown author.

I dont think I would have gotten anywhere without r4r

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See and that’s me no one knows me and i’m not popular on here so I will be doing R4R’s as soon as I get BG approved.
I was just saying if she know other ways to pass them along to help others.
I get what your saying though it is harder for the smaller authors to get anywhere and I wish it wasn’t like that.


I bought unlimited passes so I could read as much as possible. I think I read like 20 stories on the first day

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My first story I ever put out was horrible I put I out has 4.7k reads. I use some tips that people that never mentioned .

Then you really should help others out and share so that others have the change to have that also.

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I have sadly never hand that choice or my three sisters :confused: They have Iphones and me and Android and we just never got that option so I’ll just have to do what I can with that. :slight_smile:

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oh suck

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I think personally they can be helpful, but not as your number one reliable source to get reads. I think more of building a fanbase would be better and is important then doing read for reads because like @Talu said, They can be harmful if your spending too much time reading other authors stories rather than improving your own. But I still think read for reads are good just not my number one option.

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Yeah, I see multiple posts that say that

and Happy Birthday

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