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The earth doesn’t need us, we need the earth. Know your place. You can’t save the planet because it’s the human race that’s fucked. The earth has been here a billion years before you, and it will be here a billion more after you. It’s the truth. It’s true, we are not ‘saving’ the planet. We are just trying not to go extinct. Positivity this, Positivity that, you can be positive but in the end, all you are trying to do is cover up the truth by not hurting your own state of mind.

“Humanity, just another failed mutation.” - George Carlin

You can spend all the time in the world thinking about how to save the planet and how you’re gonna die but let me tell you something, IT’S JUST GONNA HAPPEN!

“You close your eyes when you sleep, no need to be scared of death” - Me

Death to humans is a shadow/skull with a cloth holding a Scythe. Death is Earth.



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the earth will be gone in several billion years. i think climate change activist actually have true intentions and want to save the planet. we were able to fix the ozone layer gap… but fixed it enough where we could still survive. so i have some hope. it’s better to have hope then just accepting that we’ll die from something we can fix if we try. but i know we all will die eventually :woman_shrugging:


I don’t like seeing stuff about people saying:

“Save the planet!”
“We’re all gonna die in a few years if we don’t take action!”
“Humans have ruined Earth!”

Sure, I understand that the people who say this stuff don’t have intentions on doing this, but this just tries to make us feel bad. For no reason whatsoever. Everything has to die, or else there won’t be any space for anything new. Nothing lasts forever.

It’s not just because of ‘us humans’ that there’s wildlife that has gone extinct. Every living thing cannot be a ‘living thing’ forever. They all have to die someday, because it’s the way of life. We have to get rid of the things that are old, and replace them with something new. The cycle then goes on, and on.


I was telling my mom the other day that the earth, the environment survived the ice age, dinosaurs, mostly every bad thing in the world. It doesn’t need us but vice versa.


The Earth passed through 5 mass extinctions (that we’re aware of) and humans still think that we’re the exemptions :woman_facepalming:t2:


I don’t think environmental activists are trying to save the planet because they think we won’t die if it’s saved. Everyone knows we’re not inmortal, and it’s very likely the human race will go extinct at some point or another. Earth has gone through many disasters before, and it will go through changes after we’re gone. However, the climate change we’re facing (while it carries some factors independent from human activity), is largely caused by humans. Which is what makes it different from the other crisis the earth has gone through. We know things die, but it’s different when something dies from natural causes than when we’re directly (or indirectly) responsible for its death. There is no way to deny that rampant consumerism, overpopulation, and a lack of environmental awareness on our part has had a horrible effect on the planet. Maybe not as bad as, say, the meteor that wiped the dinosaurs, but still incredibly horrible. It’s natural to feel guilt, even if some of our contributions to global warming were not made with bad intentions. I don’t think we’ll save the planet, nor that it couldn’t recover without our help like it has done before, but there’s no shame or trouble in trying to make earth a better place.

I think humans are naturally selfish, which is why we try to save the earth because it’s where we live. But there is a legitimate worry as to the horrible things that have happened because of human effects on the environment. From a more humanitarian/social side of things, just look at the amount of climate refugees. It’s hard to look at the stats and not be alarmed. I know our actions are insignificant in the great context of the universe, but damn if I’m gonna sit on my ass and watch horrible things happen while I ignore them.

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