DISCUSSION: Reality/Real World Stories

I know that there are a lot of threads on this topic, and I know that some of you guys are tired of reading threads like this. This thread is simply about having more real world stories on the app than cliche, fantasy stories. This isn’t a thread about cliche story plots or anything of that nature. I just would like to see ya’ll opinions about this topic because I think that there are not enough stories on the app that deals with social issues.


I agree. I’m currently writing a story that deals with a wide variety of issues teenagers may have, from depression and anxiety, to struggling with gender identity/who you’re attracted to, and to perfectionism and the pressure high-level athletes suffer. I haven’t seen many stories on the app that cover these topics but if anyone could recommend some that would be great!

Anyways, personally I’m a huge fan of fantasy-related stories, but I’ve found that I read in that genre so much, and I use it as a way to escape my life and forget about my own issues. Now I realize that I need stories that talk about real-life issues that I could apply to my life and help with what I’m struggling with, hence why I’m writing such a story.

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Totally agree! These cliche, “Marrying a prince” “Getting pregnant unexpectedly” “Idk who the father is” “High school crush” stories are always the stories that show up as soon as you open the app. I think we should be creating more “outside the box” stories. Or stories about taboo subjects that everyone knows but doesn’t speak out about it.


I totally agree. I’m planning on writing a story like that in the future. Maybe “Flower Paths”? “Concrete”?

TRUE! I’ve been trying to say this a for awhile now, but people still don’t understand where I’m coming from.

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My upcoming story has many aspects of the lgbtq+ community, over exaggerated homophobia, depression but my story isn’t based on these things. I just wanted to add them in because it’s a semi autobiographical story and these topics are hardly talked about because they’re frowned apon. I placed over exaggerated homophobia just to make fun at homophobic people who clearly think someone’s sexuality kills them and burns their house down.:roll_eyes:

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I personally find fantasy (like different world) stories really enjoyable than real life stories, but I can’t say I dislike all of real life stories. I plan on writing a story in the real life world about PTSD and Depression but haven’t made progress because I find the topic a bit too challenging for me at this point in time.

I believe if someone managed to write a successful (either by reads, or being featured, or another def of successful) it would inspire lots of other potential writers to make their own serious or real (like real real real, not like dream come true fantasy) stories.