Discussion: Religon & Culture


So, this topic is to share a bit about your religon and culture. :star2:
This is not a place for arguing about religon and culture.


  • State your opinion respectfully
  • Don’t ask questions based on stereotypes
  • Understand words can be offensive
  • Stay openminded & friendly
    If you’re saltier than McDonald’s French fries, move along hun. :fries:

I really hope that this thread is gonna inspire people to be more inclusive in their stories & teach them information they can use. :revolving_hearts::dizzy:

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I’ll start.
I was born and raised in America, but my parents are South Indian. :india:

I don’t indentify with any specific religon. I just believe that there might be a God or maybe Gods or maybe nothing.

Since I kinda believe everything, I love learning about different religions because I believe in all religions at least a little. :star2:


Well, as a lot of people know, I’m a Christian. But I’m not an ordinary christian, I’m a born again christian. A born again christian is when you finally accept God. What I think of my religion is that… every one’s so friendly and righteous. We don’t cheat, lie, kill. But however, there are chrsitians who are fake.
etc. their parents are christian so they have to be one {i was one}
they just want to be christian because it looks fun {also me}

But christianty is magic. and I believe in that magic, HE loves me and I love him.

When a thousand people disagree with you, God dosen’t, he’s the only one with you and that’s a lot better than a million people because he knows everything and is perfect.

I want a lot of people to be christians.


Well I’m American as well. I don’t really know where I came from all the way. Which honestly is sad to me, but it’s fine I will someday.

I’m a Christian as well. But I don’t shove it on anyone, or judge, mainly because I’m too lazy for that :joy:, but yeah I have my beliefs, and morals that I hold close to me. Also I like to talk to anyone honestly who’d want to hear.

But yeppers that’s my Religion and Culture.


I’m just a mix of various European countries, and I’m agnostic. So much for religion and culture LOL.


I’m English (Technically British because I’m English and Scottish ) and I’m a Christian from birth and that’s about it. I’m part of the church of England but I’m not against the LGBT community because as long as you love someone and are happy your sexuality shouldn’t matter to other people.

I have a pet peeve about culture and that’s when someone says that they are Irish or something like that but in actual fact that was their ancestors and not them.


I am Indian , born and still living there
We have many religions in our country , and I respect each and every religion . My religion is Hindu and have lots of believable , unbelievable and some fake things in it😅
I myself don’t want to be in a little box of religion , so my thoughts are mostly based on science and the religions I know . I do believe in God , but as we have 33 crores gods (in Hindu itself) , I think God as a one thing or person or something extraterrestrial and I love to refer that extraterrestrial thing as God only , rather than 33 crores name , allah as well as Jesus :sweat_smile:
As I know only three religion , I would love to learn different religions
Edit - if anyone thinks whatever I write is offensive , remember that it is just my opinion :hugs:


I’m Christian, but I’m also Bi and gender fluid. I really only see Christianity as my religion, I don’t think about it that much.


Hi! I’m from UK but I live in kenya, my religion is Islam,my mom always say diya don’t judge others by their religion, whenever you go show others some respect love them and be kind to them. So guys I love you all :kissing_heart::heart::heart: can you be my friend plz?


Of course! Same with my mama she always told me not to judge. I’d love to be friends!


Welcome to my friend zone. :heart::heart:


Thanks :smile:


Nice to meet you @Chocolate_Mama :kissing_heart:


half turkish half kurdish, religion? what’s that? :rofl:


I am a British Bangladeshi.

Ethnically speaking I am Bangladeshi but I identify as a British citizen.


I am a Muslim but I do not wear a hijab. However, I try to dress in a way that is considered modest and I have rarely faced judgement for my choice. However, there was one girl who basically implied I was not a real Muslim and judged me quite badly due to the way I interpret faith.

I consider faith as symbolic and something deeply spiritual. I follow the rules of Islam as much as I can but I am not an example of anything or a representative of anything but myself. I love to learn about different faiths and ideas as well - I studied philosophy for quite a few years as I enjoyed learning about thoughts about faith and the world so much. I feel like nobody should ever feel like they are more superior to someone merely because they follow certain guidelines and rules of a faith as I feel it ruins the intentions of the individuals to be closer to God.


I am a Bangladeshi and am pretty proud of it but I do get some shit from people for “sounding” and “acting” “white” (so many speech marks lmao). Basically I do not really watch Bollywood dramas or listen to Indian music/watch dramas much which kinda makes me “white” to some people. However, I do not really find Bollywood interesting - I’d rather watch Hannibal tbh.

For the “sounding white” I get that because my accent is considered the generic received pronunciation accent/BBC English accent. I do not use slang and have always taught myself to try to speak as properly as possible - I am told if you did not see my face you’d assume Caucasian.

However, I feel my culture is a very beautiful one filled with poetry - my father had taught me a lot about Bangladeshi history and of some figures as well as showing me some Bengali classical folk musicians as well.


I’m from the USA and I’m a Celtic Reconstructionist/Polytheist, as I have a Gaulish/Irish heritage. I grew up in a Christian home. I like to study a lot of different paths, and right now I’m interested in Judaism and Sikhism.

Right now I mostly work with Gaulish gods. My patron deity is Cernunnos, who is a Gaulish god associated with death, wealth, liminality, and balance. (Important to note, this is NOT the same as a Wiccan Cernunnos.)

I’m also a witch, witchcraft plays an important part of my spirituality.


i am chinese-american! i grew up in sunny california, right below los angeles. i was raised speaking english, i know minimal mandarin and maybe a few numbers in cantonese. i was raised eating homemade chinese dishes, and fast foods, and just a very wide variety of foods in general. living in ca you have a lot of options and people from many different countries come to share their beautiful cuisines.

i am very much atheist. i do not care to debate religion much irl or online. it’s just never been a part of my life, and as soon as i could understand it i knew it wasn’t for me. i base my decisions and beliefs very heavily on science and logic. i also find it hard to trust what i can’t prove. it’s weird, i can’t explain it. i’m just not religious, borderline against it. no shade to anyone who is, though, i think it’s a lovely concept.


Australian. 7th generation. German-Irish decent.
Practicing Catholic, but not largely devout.
Went to school with Buddihists, Muslims and Hindus and never had any conflicting problem. More interesting conversations about different beliefs.
Not really much I can say for culture. Bought up as a fan of Australian rules football. Got into basketball as a youth and rugby league later in life. Music was always important, always had music on in the house. Did camping a lot as a child and grew to hate it. Now like travelling overseas. Grew up in a suburban town. Hate small country towns and revel in the manic engergy of the city of Melbourne.


Hi. I’m from Australia.
I was born into a Christian home and now, I am very strong in the faith. There are alot of different denominations in Christianity (For example: Catholic, Lutheran, Mormon, Anglican, Baptist, Methodist. Seventh-day Adventist Etc.)
I am a strong Seventh-day Adventist. I believe that Saturday is the Sabbath day that God has prepared for us to rest on. And that when you die, your ‘soul’ does not go to heaven instead your whole entire being/body/‘spirit’ stays dead until the coming of God where everyone will be raised up and meet our Heavenly father (God) in the clouds.
So yeah, i don’t know what else to explain.

If you are an SDA, please tell me, i haven’t met any SDA’s on the forums


Hi all! I am mixed race and from London :smiley:

I’m a Catholic, which is a type of Christian despite what the Protestants I’ve spoken to think.

I have a lot of very strong views on Christianity which might offend, so I’m going to keep most of them to myself.

I will say one thing, though:

Christians have no right to tell one another if they’re “fake” Christians or “pretend” or whatever. C.S. Lewis pointed out in Mere Christianity that if we start using the word “Christian” as a judge of character instead of as a noun for people who believe Jesus died for their sins, the word will lose all its meaning. It’s crucial that we remember that we all have our own relationship with God and self-righteousness or a belief that you’re a “better” Christian can blind you from your own bad qualities. Remember what Jesus said in Matthew 7:5:

“You hypocrite! First take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”