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YAY! Indians unite lmao…
I am a indian( frm Karnataka) sounds weird? Yea I know :joy:. Sooo… I am a Muslim…yeah…okay? That’s it…I think…



I’m African-American and a proud Christian! I’ve been a pastor’s kid since I was a baby. I became saved at around 16. I love God and I want to grow closer to Him.


Hi! I am Saasha.

No offence to anyone here but I don’t believe in any religion. I like to think that I do what I do and believe what i believe because I have seen it and witnessed it. I have read almost all holy books and like to read more and more and know more about the religions but I don’t believe in them. I think at the end of the day there is only one God and only one religion- humanity!


I’m a protest and Catholicism is Christianity. What uneducated people have you been talking too??

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So, so, so many uneducated people. Usually the same Protestants who think Catholics worship Mary and statues


oh damn. I went to a CofE Junior school and like 10% were actually Christian. So many people asked me stupid questions about my faith lol.


Well I am African American, and of course I was born and raised in America. I come from a family where both of my mom and dad’s sides are Christians. I am a very strong believer :slight_smile:


Um…I’m Singaporean girl, born and raised in Singapore. Half Taiwanese, half Singaporean? Doing things the english way cuz I’m in Singapore. Chinese but my chinese sucks, My english is better. :smile:


P r o u d

H i n d u


I’m Australian but I’m half Asian (Chinese/Malay) and half white. Mum’s from Singapore.
I’m a born and bred Aussie but I now live in Mexico pero no hablo español.

Religion? None. I wouldn’t say I’m atheist… maybe agnostic? I don’t really think about it though.
My mum’s side is Muslim but she never converted my dad. I’ve never eaten pork/pig products in my life though (at least not knowingly), but that’s the only thing that we do religion wise. It’s always just been more of a respect thing for my grandma.


I have yet to write my part on my own culture and religious perception, but I just came here to drop this amazing video here for all of you to watch, it highlights how important it is to know about other cultures and other people in general.


It is so so important to learn about other cultures - I’ll check it out (love a good TED talk). Wallowing in ignorance does no good and rather, one is at such a great loss for not knowing about how amazingly diverse humans are.

My Opinions 🍵

Alright, well I’m West African. Ghanaian and Nigerian. I’m Muslim too. But I was born here in the US. Please understand that terrorists are extremists, not Muslims. They hurt Muslims too. My religion is fine, I wouldn’t convert. But I don’t like the sexist rules. I feel the Arabs are the ones causing misogyny in the Islamic world, but I’m not a racist, I swear. I might be bisexual, but I love my religion regardless. I don’t wear the hijab, but dress modestly. I can’t count how many people who have asked why I don’t wear it. It’s my choice, and I feel like wearing a hijab or niqab should not be enforced, but rather a choice. I also hate how I must be obedient. Like no, if my partner calls me ugly, I’ll slap them. I do comply to the rules of Islam. I sometimes question it, but my Muslim friend silences my questions…

Anyways, I am black. But I’ve gotten so much shit for “sounding and acting white” that I have to specify my race to that person. I eat jollof rice… To make matters worse, I’m light-skinned, so… Many people believe that I’m Latina, Arab, white, or mixed. I’ve never worn a dashiki, or a headscarf in public. So I understand why someone would say or think that. Plus, when I was in elementary school, I got mocked for my culture, and the people there were racist assholes. And then, I’m one of the few African Muslims in my high school. So I’m rare? I don’t know. But yeah, that’s my religion and culture.

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.


I’ve watched that! In English class

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Can I ask questions on this thread?

I have three (technically four) Muslim main characters in a story I’m working on, one doesn’t dress modestly, one wears the hijab and the other wears the niqab. All three have a ‘pyjamas’ version, but their pyjamas aren’t modest and their hair is out. Would this be okay/accurate? I don’t want to misrepresent anybody!


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Well, i’m part south african and sudanese.
I moved to America when i was 5,

i believe i’m more fluent in English than in my native language lol


Sorry, I’m confused :sweat_smile:

Are you saying it’s okay for me to ask a question, or that the answer to my blurred out question is that it’s okay? :grin:

The answer to your blurred out question.

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I’m from Denmark. I don’t identify with any specific religion though I do find some of the Christian beliefs amazing.
I love learning about different religions and cultures as I think it’s important in order to understand why immigrants don’t always fit in immediately. Also, it gives me a lot of new perspectives on how to understand life and I think that’s wonderful.