Discussion: Religon & Culture


I’m from Denmark. I don’t identify with any specific religion though I do find some of the Christian beliefs amazing.
I love learning about different religions and cultures as I think it’s important in order to understand why immigrants don’t always fit in immediately. Also, it gives me a lot of new perspectives on how to understand life and I think that’s wonderful.


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And I don’t think it will be disrespectful​:upside_down_face: I am on railway station and lots of women are wearing saries , actually my mom also wear sari everyday :upside_down_face:though it depends on if it looks good and appropriate


I didn’t know you were Indian. :slightly_smiling_face:


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It’s really great and interesting to get to know each and everyone and where they from and their believes. Sometimes their similarities can be something you have in common with one another and that’s what I truly loved.

First off I just want to say, all my Indian people I am totally obsessed with your culture (not in a creepy way). I just love everything about it and plus watching Indian movies (bollywood & hindi) it really get me excited and of course my UK (United Kindom) people. I truly want to visit those two countries and try their food and outfits. Those two are on my main bucket list. But I’m off topic…

About My Religion & Culture

I am a proud West African Liberian girl :liberia: born (from the mother land we called) and half rise there. Until when I was about 3 years old, I first came to USA since I believe 2007 in Oakland California. Which I am currently not living nor from there. English is not my best first language. Kind of difficult when your accent can sometimes get in the way of trying to pronounce English words.

Question: Can you have two religions? If so, I am Christian and Muslim (Christian is from my dad side of family and Muslim is from my mom side of family). If you can’t have two religions then I call myself a Christian. I am sometimes struggling in my beliefs which is something I normally don’t talk about. But let’s just say sometimes I believed and sometimes I don’t. I used to be a strong believer with faith but like I said it something I normally don’t talk about.

Anyway, that’s all about my religion and my culture.


Oooh. Spooky :upside_down_face:


Hi, I’m ParkLow G.

I am a Chinese-Singaporean, living here as such. My mom’s side is Cantonese while, I’m not so sure of the dialect, my dad’s came from Penang (Chinese-Malay). I also have a Swedish-French step-dad. Maybe because of this, I kinda get more experience with the multicultural things, especially the food :smile:.
I guess technically I’m a Buddhist - at least practicing some customs like visiting temples and not eating beef products. I’m not sure on the extent of how other practicing Buddhists do things, but I guess my family’s moderate. As for beliefs, I’m … open. I’m not as enthused in the religious side of the religion if that makes sense, kinda because my family practices this ‘casually’ or we sometimes discuss the origins of religion.

Nevertheless, I love reading about and exploring other cultures, including world mythologies. Not exactly the same as religion in some cases, but they still explain what people before us (even today) had believed in.


I just want to make a correction that Mormons aren’t a denomination of Christianity. They are Christians. They are members of The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter - Day Saints. They believe in Christ so therefore, they are Christians, not Mormons.


Not exactly, there r slightly different beliefs from Mormons and Christians.