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Oh, you know I’m Muslim?

Well, in my religion, I don’t believe you can depict living tings in art. That’s why there’s so many patterns, and floral designs. I think you can’t do that because of the Jinn. Why do you ask?


We don’t depict the prophet Muhammad because we fear that people will worship him



The Latter-Day Saints follow the Book of Mormon as well as the Bible, making them Mormons.


I’m a Christian and I’m not perfect, I have my doubts, so…
But, I choose to believe, I don’t think that anybody who sins against the bible repeatedly and chooses not to follow Christ’s teachings are Christians, I don’t believe the rapist priest is a Christian just because he’s a priest.
Or the Paster is one because he’s a pastor, he’s a fake. I was raised one and strongly believes, not all preachers’ kids are crap. I’m not one, tho. But my parents have preached on Sundays and etc.

Some Christians race hatred over their beliefs, it happens all the time. The bible said that it would happen, and it is.


I am literally the same way! I celebrate and study all kinds of religions because I don’t belong to one myself. Its so great to see someone else so respectful and passionate about culture!


Yeah, ^^ cool, alright. I feel like different Muslims might have had different answers (and looks like they did, lol) so thats why I asked. <3 no way to be sure than to askca real Muslim you know?


Oh. That’s very true.


i was born and still live in london. my parents are ghanaian and they’re christian. i honestly don’t know if i’ll still be christian when i’m older. i believe in god, and jesus, but i don’t believe in a lot of the things in christianity. but i believe in some scriptures, quotes, stories.


I just want to say something to people who question their beliefs-

If you feel like a creator doesn’t exist because of what religions say, you can always be a deist. You don’t have to or need to have a religion. :two_hearts:


I understand that. I was the same way for a little bit. There were some things, more specifically, some more popular interpretations of Gods word that I was unsure about.


I’m a Muslim, and believe it or not… Allah hu akbar means God is the greatest.


I’m a Sikh.
I follow Sikhism.
It’s a monotheistic religion where only one God exists and he is the supreme ruler of this universe.
So, Ik Onkar (ੴ) can sometimes be seen at Gurdwaras that I go to when I pray and it means there is one God.
Actually, since I can’t read Punjabi, my mom gave me English texts on prayers and it’s very beautiful <3
When I was younger, I would do a lot of seva at the Gurdwara. And one day, I want to go to the Golden Temple. I’ve never even see India. Actually, I’ve never even traveled outside of my country. I was born here and lived here for my whole life (and I’m continuing to live here). Hopefully, one day, I’ll get to travel :sunny:

My parents are from India (Punjab to be exact).

We also have some cool festivals.
There’s Bandi Chhor Divas (Diwali) which celebrates the release from prison of the sixth guru Guru Hargobind, who also rescued 52 Hindu kings held captive by Mughal Emperor Jehangir with him in the Gwalior Fort. We celebrate this by lighting divas. This year, my mom and I went to the temple to light it and then when I went to pray, I had to wait in the really long line.
On a side note, I just found it it’s actually called Bandi Chhor Divas this year, had no idea

Vaisakhi which is held in April is a very popular event that many go to. Sometimes, we even have nagar kirtans, which is a parade and there’s free food there ^^

Also, when you’re in the Gurdwara, it’s disrespectful to wear your shoes and leave your head uncovered.
And I’ve heard some people say it’s disrespectful not to accept parshad, but I don’t get it.

We also celebrate Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Birthday, the founder of Sikhism (he’s like a father to me) He was very wise.

We do indeed hold a Gurpurab, which is a Sikh tradition, for a festival.

We also remember Sikh Martyrs (called a Shaheed)

We have a holy book in our religion “the Guru Granth Sahib” that we follow.

So, we had 10 gurus, and the last one decided it was the Guru Granth Sahib that we should follow.

In regards to an afterlife:

We Sikhs do not believe in heaven or hell. Instead, we believe in the idea of the soul reincarnating. So we believe that your actions in this life will determine what life path you will get in the next life (if you were bad, your next life won’t be good and if you were good, your next life will be great, etc) The purpose is to break this cycle (Motionless in White Break the Cycle’s stuck in my head) and unite our soul with God. We must keep the name of God in mind.

There’s some cool stories in Sikhism-like the the Panj Pyare (the five beloved ones) story fascinates me every time. (Ok, I really love the tale of Bhai Lalo’s honesty, Blood vs Milk)

Ok, some other facts about Sikhism:

There’s an oath that Sikhs take in which they must not eat meat and they can not drink alcohol and they must follow the five Ks:

  1. Kesh (uncut hair)-men and women can NOT cut their hair.
  2. Kangha (a small comb)-used for the hair.
  3. Kara (an iron bracelet that goes on your wrist)
  4. Kachera (an undergarment worn by these Sikhs)
  5. Kirpan (a dagger that’s almost never used. Sometimes, there is controversy for this)

You can still follow the Five Ks or some of them even though you don’t take the oath. Like for example, I HAVE NEVER CUT MY HAIR. It’s super long and I get scared when scissors are near by hair because I really want to follow this rule. However, sadly I do eat meat : (
But hopefully, I can became vegetarian one day ^^
P.S I will never drink alcohol ever.

And we have a saying " “Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh”, which is very famous in Sikhism as well as " Sat Sri Akal" which used as a greeting. I’ve also heard this being said: “Bole So Nihal, Sat Shri Akal”, where one person will say the first line, and the others say the next line usually. Also, sometimes Bole is extended. I’ve seen my mom extend it in religious parades.

I forget to use this greeting (Sat Sri Akal) sometimes and get scolded for it lol

And we do have middle names. Singh which means “lion” is used for boys & men and Kaur which means “Princess” is used for girls & women. So yeah, Kaur is a part of my name <3 <3 <3

One thing about me is that my Punjabi isn’t very good, sadly, I can’t understand movies, news, music (except maybe a few words, sometimes, if I’m lucky, I can understand the whole thing) but at least I can understand my mom, so that’s good since she doesn’t know English. And we always have Punjabi Newspapers lying around our house so I’m totally clueless when I look at them hee hee.

I did take Punjabi school when I was younger and got the whole alphabet down, but then we ended up leaving the school before I moved onto forming sentences and yeah…I FORGOT EVERYTHING EXCEPT how to pronounce the first five letters and write the the first letter in the alphabet :sweat_smile:

Ok, not gonna lie but the amount of insults possible in Punjabi , oh man, there are so many, you can combine some, animals are used as insults (sorry animals, you cool) and Punjabi is way funnier than English, sorry English, still love you because I think in English and yeah :laughing:

Sometimes, people think I know how to speak in Hindi, even though I don’t and I’ve never watched Bollywood in my life :thinking:

Also, my favorite sweets are Kaju Barfi (Kaju katli) and I love Samosas a lot and when it comes to food shahi paneer and matar paneer make my mouth drool <3

Nope, we do not celebrate Christmas and when it comes to Halloween, we do celebrate it even though we don’t have to (my mom hands out candy)

Anyways, I’ll end here as I feel like I already talked too much :rofl:

Yes, I do love my religion a lot and go by it ^^
This was fun to share : )
Also, every other religion in the world is wonderful and it honestly makes our world so unique and cool <3

The Nishan Sahib:

The Khanda:

Other cool images:




I AM A PROUD INDIAN …AND HINDU …I love my religion …and who we really are …:sunglasses:


Awesome. I’ve never met a Sikh before. I’ve done research, but you taught me some stuff in your post that I never uncovered before. Also been a while since I looked up some stuff. I love theology, too, so its a fun passtime. I’ll definitely look up more things within your religion. You’ve inspired me! <3


Thank you for spreading the information and education.




Well I’m a Christian just like most Bahamians are, I’m non denominational though. Basically my goal just trying to better myself as a person and to be more compassionate, Even though I am a Christian I do subscribe to alot of the beliefs and teachings of Rastafarianism (a religion my father belongs to) which is also a very popular religion in the Caribbean and of course Jamaica. While many people think Rastafarianism is just having dreads and smoking, that couldn’t be further from the truth! It’s much more about peace and pride and awareness of African heritage. I’d say that I’m kind of a mixture of both as they do correspond with each other on occasion. There is also a small population of people who subscribe to Islam as well. Those are the three main religions

As for culture, I speak Bahamian Creole English (BCE) :bahamas:, often mistaken for Jamaican/Barbadian Patois for some odd reason (there are some similarities but not that much). While accents slightly differ based on island to island, Bahamians regardless of race and Island, we all speak like this and share basically the same culture. Like we say in our creole language: “Alla we is one family” which in standard english just simply means “We’re all one family” :joy:


I’m mixed, African and Mexican. I usually try all types of foods from the cultures I’m apart of. I’m Christian, and I believe you should have a close connection with God. And to not push him away when you need help.


I’m just curious, so even if your a child you can’t cut your hair? And what is the blade used for in the last picture?


Nope, you can’t cut your hair at all, not even as a child. You’re not supposed to. Which is why I have really long hair that goes past my waist lol :joy:

And those “blades” (we call them something else; kirpan) can be seen at religious parades a lot. Those kids in the photo are wearing religious colors and holding those as a religious symbol (my mom explains way better and knows more when it comes to this). Those kirpans do have meaning behind them-they’re carried for protection, so you can protect yourself and others, they mean zero harm, they’re not allowed to be used to hurt people. If you do that, you’re breaking rules. My grandpa had one that he carried and never in his life did he have to use it. It’s part of the five Ks and a requirement to have when you take the oath and vow to follow the five k’s and other rules, such as eating no meat, never cutting your hair. It has history behind it. Sometimes when I got to religious parades, they’ll have shows where people appear like they’re sword fighting (totally harmless, but sometimes you get scared watching it, but it’s cool)

:smile_cat: :revolving_hearts: