Discussion: Revamped stories, why do this?

So some of my favorite stories were revamped and I have some thoughts
nice to see an old story in a new art style
reading the story in a new light, maybe theres features now that weren’t there when the first story came out
Their coding skills got better
I have a problem with the authors completely changing the story, I get small changes to make it better but when its nothing like the original I feel like its not a revamp anymore

anyone else?


There’s a lot of reasons for an author to revamp/want to revamp their story. One, like you said, new features, new backgrounds, or just to change minor details in writing/directing. Second, one I think most Episode authors deal with, is the need to rewrite something you wrote a long time ago because your vision has changed. When I say ‘vision’, I don’t necessarily mean only your vision for the story, but in life as well. For example, you’re unlikely to approve of something you wrote, say 5 years ago. Most authors (like myself) would look back and cringe :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

You do have a point though, if a story is changed to the point where it’s not anything like the original version, I wouldn’t call it a revamp, I’d call it a rewrite. I hope my explanation gives you somewhat of an insight of why authors do what they do.