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I’ve been thinking about this topic for a while now, especially since it’s something I have been debating doing for some time, revamping stories. I have finally decided to take that step, considering the fact that I feel like I’ve grown as a writer and I was no longer fulfilled with how my first ever story ‘Luna Violet’ was, and I thought, “Needs one heck of an update”, and so, I’ve began revamping it, yes it’s a tiring process, but it has great results, and as a writer I am much happier with how the story is right now, even though I’m a long way from completing the upgrades and a long way from publishing the finished result.
I wanted to see what you thought, some people might be all for it cause the writer will be happier with the product, etc… Some people might be against it thinking it would be too much for the reader to catch up on, etc…
Should authors be taking a huge step like that to satisfy their creativity, or should they accept how their stories are to begin with and keep them that way to please the readers?

So let me know, what do YOU think? :relaxed:


I think that it’s very important for the author to be happy with their own work first. Since you’re the creator and there’s things that stand out to you that you’re not so proud of then that just mean that things can be better than what it is. It does take a while to do because I’m also revamping my story, but I wouldnt be so worried about the readers because if they’re your true supporters then they wouldn’t mind you making changes that make you happy.

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I’ve done this with two of my stories:

  1. I didn’t change too much, it was just I had learnt how to do overlays and spot direct, so I wanted to incorporate that… I’m still slowly editing it now, even though it’s complete, but I’ve at least made my early chapters the same quality as my later chapters.

  2. My revamp of the second story was huge. I brought like the first half of episode 2 into episode one, creating a whole other plot point and then adding multiple endings to a short story I did for a contest.

  3. On the other end of the spectrum, I have a story I despise that I also wrote for a contest and revamping it would be a waste because I hate it that much. If the ability to delete stories ever comes into play, I will delete that one. What sucks is, I’ve seen people recommend that one of their shelves on the app and I’m like nooooo I have better ones!


Hi, it’s fine to revamp!
I’ve done it before but only because my stories never had any spot directing, zooms, overlays in them-no uploaded backgrounds and it just had limited customization given by Episode-so yes, they were pretty bad in terms of directing, and I went back and added in the new skills I gained (my friend @MidnightMaiden actually sent me a mail telling me to have my background character doing different stuff, and so I took her advice, played around with things and discovered spot directing which I started using, then I added in more things to customization however it went a little bad- @Booklady1017 sent me a message telling me the customization covered their faces! So, I experimented on how to split customization up into different sub-choices (hmm, not sure what’s called lol but it leads you to the next page and back for choices)-yes, I was sweating by the time I was done, but was proud of myself I got it!
However, I would not go back and revamp because for me, once is enough : )
A story doesn’t need to have overlays, custom backgrounds to be good, it just needs a fantastic, enjoyable storyline and directing that is done nicely-doesn’t need to be too advanced.

P.S Good luck with everything!


Yeah I can totally relate with the revamp of your second story, it’s crazy how drastic the difference is between the newest episodes you write and the first ones, it just shows how much improvement can be mastered by practice and experience.
Then you no longer feel satisfied with how you began your story and go back to change it. :sweat_smile:

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I think I’ve told you about this when we talked a while ago, but I was considering revamping my first story. I started writing my story in December of 2015 when the Classic version was alive and in “style.” I finished my first story in the middle of 2016. In that year, the Ink version was released and almost everybody loved it. Therefore, I thought about converting my first story into Ink because I thought it would help me gain more readers since everybody loved the style. I started writing the Ink version of it, but I gave up on it because revamping a story from a style that you loved to a style that you didn’t really like was a huge challenge for me.

I have no problems with revamping a story! You learn as you go, so why not explore your new creative skills so your readers can know that you make progress? A reader will know when an author has grown based on the effort they put into it. From directing, to coding, to choices; those are all signs that an author has grown. I don’t know if it’s just me, but sometimes I get cringed out at how I used to write a story versus how I grown.

If you have the time and motivation to revamp your story, go for it. I’ve done this with my first story and although I only made small changes and I’m still not completely satisfied with the result, it felt pretty good to have fixed a few things at least.
I don’t think you should worry about your readers because unless you make significant changes in the plot, they won’t need to start the story over in order to understand the new chapters. But if they do, they will see how much you improved :slight_smile:

@amberose, maybe you could just hide that disliked story from your profile? I know it will still show up in searches, but at least it won’t bother you :smiley:

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No, I’d never hide it. Haha. At the end of the day it still gets reads so if there’s a small handful of people who like it, then who am I to stop them? Until I get that delete button :smiling_imp: I just wish I could tell them my other ones are so much better…

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I think authors should REVAMP their stories when they want to, however, I’m not thrilled when an author REVAMPs their story, as they are still ongoing (because you will have to reread episodes).

Well, I’m in the middle of revamping my first story right now… But an author should be able to do so. I just hate rereading a story. I feel like the option to reread or not should be included. That’d be pretty neat.