DISCUSSION: Reveal Entires That You've Read So Far

So, what reveal entries have you read so far, and what do you think of them? It could also be your story that you want to talk about, it could be anyone story.


I read a lot and I mean a lot in r4r. few I actually liked. and the ones I did I kinda forgot the names of

he soon she by @Emma_episode_03 is a good one

I have a few others I really liked, but I kinda have a rule where I dont promote people I do r4r before after they have done there part, and they haven’t. yet

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  1. Reveal: Vicious Fate by @HermanEpisode

My view: I loved it, even if it is in Spotlight format, it’s a superhero story. I love the MC and his parents, they have a good relationship, grammar is on point, I love the splashes, and the text “VROOOOOOOM!!” The characters the MC meet, they are also cool, and am I thinking the MC has a crush on Beckett, I mean, he his kinda cool, not sure if he is into guys though. The part where the MC finds out that he does have superpowers, pretty cool when flying up the ceiling, XDDD. I loved it.

  1. Reveal: The Lost Planet: by @aquamizu.epi

My view: I liked the story, it’s pretty basic directing, the characters are cool, there are some speechbubble placements that have to be fixed in some scenes, and the ship landing was pretty cool. I hope they get the princess back.

  1. Reveal: The 50K Bounty by Josie

My view: Now, this is very important, I noticed that the author was receiving a lot of hate and backlash and crap, but that didn’t stop her from publishing her story, and she did leave a note, for the reader to be aware of what occurred back in time and at what happened to POC. A well-directed story loved the characters, backgrounds, and overlays, loved the Wild West theme, I really enjoyed it. So @josephine.episode thank you so much for continuing to be there for her, and I know she’s there for you as well.

4. Reveal: Shattered Destiny by @Lilyarts

My view: Damn, and when I say DAMN, I MEAN DAMN!!! This story is the BOMB, the directing, phenomenal, the zooms, speechless, I loved the menu design, the characters, the animating overlays, tappable overlays, this is what I call a damn hard working story that put a lot of effort in, and it’s just incredible. Grammar is on point, choices matter, the art scenes are beautiful, and the outfits are pretty cool.


I’m so glad you liked it!

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  1. Reveal: Heartless Heartbeat by @Yeyefifi

My view: Oh, I love this story. The Female MC boyfriend is a**hole, she should just break up with him. I’m glad the MCs met in the elevator, and when they were taken to a room, and when the Dr, showed her face, I was like, well damn doc, what going on? And when she started to tell them, I was shocked. I love Oliver, he’s so sweet, such a gentlemen, and kind, and cute. Audrey is so hilarious, I love her personality.

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Reveal: Rough Justice by @Wenna.Mac
Very intelligent and complex plot that she has pulled off perfectly. The scenes and directing are gorgeously done. Characters are complex and compelling.

Reveal: Wanted by @cc_episodewriter
Cece blows my mind with her creative genius. I’m completely hooked and eager for the next episodes. A western drama that pulls off the aesthetic beautifully.

Reveal: Seeker by @khrema.episode
This one speaks to me! A futuristic punk aesthetic with stunning visuals and fascinating characters. The plot is crème de la crème.

Reveal: All the Stars by @Baleigh_episode
Baleigh has such a beautiful way with words! Her self created song lyrics for the rock star and pop star are magnificent. Love the turbulent budding romance between the main characters.

Reveal: Saltwater Princess by @Daewritesepisode
A unique and enchanting plot and cast of characters. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next!


Thank you Ivy!

I LOVE these so far and they are truly awesome!

  1. Rough justice by @Wenna.Mac
  2. Rock-a-bye baby by @CosmicIvy
  3. Seeker by @khrema.episode
  4. Here to stay by @SteeleMagnolia
  5. Shipwrecked by @nellyy.epi

They are each unique in their theme and the plot. Characters really stand out with their own personality and the reveal truly surprised me!


Thank you!

I’ve read a few! Reading more today! If you want me to read yours, reply to this and I’ll add it to my list.

So far I’ve read -

Reveal: All The Stars by @Baleigh_episode
No surprise I absolutely love it. But there’s nothing I don’t love of Bee’s. The MC has already made it to the list of one of my favorite MCs. I think she has a very relatable personality and you really feel her struggles with family and fame. Now the love interest Finn :heart_eyes: perfect bad boy rockstar with a lot of dimensions to him. I’m really excited to see where it goes!

Reveal: Uncover by @AnaEpisode1
This story throws you right into the drama and mystery of Amelia’s life. The plot is super interesting and unlike anything else on the app. Ana did really good at making sure this was a pure drama. Not to mention, you get to see how much she’s improved and pushed herself. She gives good visuals and the story is really aesthetic looking. I’m also excited about getting to know the love interest Tyler :smirk:

Reveal: Shattered Destiny by @Lilyarts
I’ve actually been looking forward to reading this one since I first saw Lily post about it on the thread! Sirens are one of my favorite mythological/fantasy creatures and I found her plot very unique. Lorelai’s got one heck of a challenge in front of her :joy: Also, really liked how she incorporated the mythology facts in the beginning.

Reveal: Running Free by @tanya_episodes that’s her insta handle because I don’t think she’s on the forums.
This entry was super cool because of its use of horses. Is the first story where I’ve seen them centered around the plot. You really feel for the MC as you watch her struggles before and after…well the bad thing happens :joy: there’s also a sense of mystery to it. I thought Tanya did a really good job!

I’d recommend all these stories. Reading more tonight but haven’t yet gathered my thoughts on them. So far, the competition is high. I think we all poured our hearts into our stories and it’s really showing! :heart:


Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thanks for reading her story! Always there for her x

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Aw that’s awesome! I still need to read some of those but I can say Reveal: Running Free was definitely a good one!! Thank you so much for reading! :heart_eyes::weary: :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts:

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Literally melting… Thank you!!

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You’re the sweetest, thank you! :heart: :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts: Loved your story just as much girl, amazing directing, interactions, choices, the plot, loved it all! The reveal had me like none other entry I’ve read yet. Such a great turn on the story! :clapping:

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Aaah thanks :blush:

I really liked yours too btw!

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Lexi :sob: Thank you for such lovely comments! :pleading_face::heart:

Ivy :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:. Thank you so much for these kind words. I can’t wait to get to your story. Hopefully today :eyes:

Lexi, I love you. :kissing_heart::pleading_face::sob:

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Read Playing Princess by @episodes_bylex

Loved it! I don’t want to give spoilers so just go read it LOL
An awesome rags to riches drama with a love interest I can’t wait to see more of!


Reveal: The Journal of A Thief by @0.0Himawari0.0

This story is absolutely incredible, deserved more attention and recognition, the directing is flawless, I love the characters, the backgrounds and overlays are amazing, awesome point system, choices matter, I love the relationship the MC has with her best friend, and Elena, Her high school friend, Dominic and the MC made up from their highschool past, I love them! Beautiful art scenes, I hope she finds her sister in time. :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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