DISCUSSION: Risk & Reward Contest

Alright, I think the deadline for the contest is today, so to all participants who entered the contest. How do you feel? Did you published your story on time?


I’m not a participant, but I’ve seen a lot of really good entries from proof-reading stories :star_struck: I can’t wait for the contest winners to be announced already


that’s great, I haven’t read any as yet, because I want to read them after today. Can’t wait to check them out. Which ones were your fav so far?

I feel exhausted but relieved. Glad I could make it on time @saol especially with my amazing co-writer. Time to open up that bottle of champagne :rofl::ok_hand:


I haven’t published yet, but I will soon. I’m so stressed out bc I don’t want to let anyone down :sweat_smile:

… Hooray for self-doubt


Well… after all day fixing and reading and thinking I published! Now I need to work, because I was too focus on this contest that I couldn’t do anything else :rofl:
And yeah, I was nervous, I think I still am, because it’s something new to me and I try it for the first time. But I hope that people will read my story and like what I create. :hugs: Every author should be proud of their work, but seeing that people also like it - it means a lot!

@Nat.Alia I’m with you girl, but don’t worry!


Update: I published. Welp. Time to finally get some sleep lmao

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While I didn’t enter, Nessya did. And I was with her each step of the way and know how hard all of you who did enter worked on these stories… So, win or lose, congratulations on entering and I hope you guys are proud of yourselves! :blob_hearts: