DISCUSSION : RP / SG section rules


Agreed with Fallen on the first three rules.

Do not make duplicate roleplays (E.g Do not create a find a murder plot if there’s already one of those)

If the plot is similar enough to the point where it’s… the same, but with different characters, yes. Like Fallen wrote, adopt characters if you want to join, because there’s a chance for higher participation that way. However, if the overarching plot is similar (find a murder plot, high school plot, etc.) but there’s enough differences to make it stand out, no. To me, it depends.

You can not exclude others or kick others out of an RP or SG unless 1) You’re the owner and 2) you have obvious reasons to do so (they’ve broken too many rules or something similar)

Agreed. Take the RP or SG to PM if you don’t want some people in it. Instead of ‘unless 1) you’re the owner’ could it change to ‘unless you are the owner or you have permission from the owner?’ I know some people are too afraid of kicking someone out of their RP/SG because they don’t want to hurt their feelings, so they ask someone else to do it for them.


I think Once made a good point on the second one. Sometimes the owner doesn’t want to have to be the bad guy all the time. XD


Idk, I feel like the author should just man / woman up. It’s their thread, and they should run it.






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Bump! Please make sure to voice your opinions and/or submit and support the rules you like!



  • If you have a problem with an user sort it out through PMs. Do not call a mod on them.
  • If you believe an RP could improve, or don’t like an RP, resort to constructive criticism or refrain from speaking out. Saying an RP sucks or that you hate it is unacceptable.
  • Write sensitive topics in a mature manner, do not glorify them
  • Explicit sexual content is not allowed
  • You can make asshole characters, but you as a person should refrain from using hate speech

  1. Forum Rule
  2. I’m sorry this has happened to someone. I believe this should be done through PM.
  3. Isn’t this a given?
  4. Forum Rule
  5. Forum Rule


Also for participating, one shall receive not only a dedicated meme in the Take a Meme, Share a Meme, Meme Meme Meme thread, but also the title ‘Honorary Duchess / Duke # of the Episode Forums’ in a gold online plaque.


Please add to the discussion, people. We don’t want these to be sorted us only by us, this concerns everyone.


Very short responses:

I feel like this could work but I think that glorifies the RP/SG Category a little too much than it should because it is the Episode Forums, after all.

I mean, I think we can praise the roleplays/story games but we could obviously stay away from comparing them. For example, ‘X Roleplay is 10 times better than Y Story Game!’ That’s just plain rude tbh. But I’m sure we can compliment them in general.

This should definitely be a strict rule because this is kinda unfair. If someone makes other characters do whatever they want, it just takes away the thrill of the response and might not even match the personality.

I sat down on the chair and Bobby sat next to me. He looked at me with his big green eyes and took my hand. I gasped in delight as I grinned like a maniac.

The owner of Rosie is obviously making actions for Bobby, even though it isn’t her character and this is clearly god-modding.

This is a tricky one because a lot of RPers come back after a long time so maybe we should make a time limit which everyone knows about so if anyone leaves, they’d have to be understanding that their roleplay idea was adopted. The owners of the original RP/SGs could also say in advance if they’d allow their idea to be adopted at any time.

I think swearing isn’t generally a huge thing if you do it but to be respectful, I guess you could just blur it out with the spoiler effect? The sexual scenes could either be left out, VERY vaguely said or timeskipped. :woman_shrugging: It depends on the owner of the RP too.


Yep, this is just common sense. If the post is just rude, out of context and completely unnecessary, you can just flag it.

Exactly, if you don’t like an RP, don’t participate or don’t say anything. If you feel like they really could improve something, PM them some constructive criticism. I think the main thing here is to not be negative.

This is probably just common sense, to be honest. Everyone should already know this.

This is like the rule above and another one in the previous set of five. Plus, this is also a forums rule :woman_shrugging:

There’s sometimes a fine line between having a rude character and being rude yourself THROUGH your character, When you make a character like this, some people might feel like the owner of the character is rude themselves so I guess you should try to make it clear about the fact that the character is saying it and not you.


oh wait, i missed five rules from before :woman_facepalming:

EDIT: wait no, ten rules actually smh


Everyone already stated what I think above, so I won’t bother repeating it. Besides, most of them are forum rules, and are a part of common respect we should have for others no matter where we are.




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Anyway, forums rules shouldn’t be a subject of debate, and I’ve no problems with the others.