DISCUSSION : RP / SG section rules


Agreed with Fallen on the first three rules.

Do not make duplicate roleplays (E.g Do not create a find a murder plot if there’s already one of those)

If the plot is similar enough to the point where it’s… the same, but with different characters, yes. Like Fallen wrote, adopt characters if you want to join, because there’s a chance for higher participation that way. However, if the overarching plot is similar (find a murder plot, high school plot, etc.) but there’s enough differences to make it stand out, no. To me, it depends.

You can not exclude others or kick others out of an RP or SG unless 1) You’re the owner and 2) you have obvious reasons to do so (they’ve broken too many rules or something similar)

Agreed. Take the RP or SG to PM if you don’t want some people in it. Instead of ‘unless 1) you’re the owner’ could it change to ‘unless you are the owner or you have permission from the owner?’ I know some people are too afraid of kicking someone out of their RP/SG because they don’t want to hurt their feelings, so they ask someone else to do it for them.


I think Once made a good point on the second one. Sometimes the owner doesn’t want to have to be the bad guy all the time. XD


Idk, I feel like the author should just man / woman up. It’s their thread, and they should run it.