Okay, so what do you like in the Scifi genre (wish there was one)? Like robots, aliens, etc. What would u like to see in scifi stories?


Ooh, I would like that!


I’m very picky with sci-fi personally. I’m not so much of a fan of the Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate kind of sci-fi, I definitely prefer sci-fi that takes place on Earth (Hunger Games, Black Mirror, maybe Divergent, or Age of X series by Richelle Mead).

Anything dystopian is my kryptonite, with advanced tech creating vastly unjust societal hierarchy I blame Hunger Games for sparking that taste in me lol, and seeing what the little guys do in situations like that. That could be why I enjoyed Adrenaline by Evil Ebonni so much lol. I wonder what she’s up to now… I hope she’s doing well.

So as for aliens, meh. As for robots, not so much into stories that focus on robots, but I could be convinced.

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I literally love anything and everything sci-fi. My threshold of tolerance for sci-fi stories is exponentially higher than other genres

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