DISCUSSION: Self Expressions

Hello and welcome to my discussion thread. In this thread, you can express your insecurities, thoughts and flaws with no judgement. If there is, it will be handled. Feel free to speak your truths and find someplace to confide in. I’ll start by sharing my thoughts:

My Thoughts:

Sometimes, I think that I try too hard. Maybe, it’s all for nothing. No matter how hard I try, nothing comes out of it. To people, interactions, and positivity … are starting to feel useless to me now. I try to make a difference and make someone’s day because they may really need it :woman_shrugging:t5:. I can’t help but to feel this way. I’m not an attention seeker but, I must be expecting too much out of nothing. I feel cursed sometimes.

All of the possibilities of endless conversations, decisions, and happiness that I dream of crush more and more everyday. I’m starting to feel more like a voiceless void without purpose. I don’t want to come off as dry but I think I need to stop worrying about things that won’t change. Even the little things. I think coming into this community vs. IRL makes no difference as “A paradise for change.”. But what did I expect. I think I need to stop putting some much effort into this and go to things that aren’t beneficial.

This is not all of it (problems) but thanks for reading my rant.


This is such a great thread topic. I don’t really have anything to say right now but I probably will later.


hi, great thread idea, here’s mine:


i feel like a lot of people find me to be annoying, maybe it’s because i’m over dramatic and loud but that’s my personality and i can’t necessarily help that.


things will start to turn up soon, they always do. you just have to wait and i understand that it’s hard, but it’s definitely worth it.


Wow, I just read over

and I feel the same way sometimes. Maybe we could help each other?


you should try to avoid worrying about problems or situations that you can’t control or solve. it’s draining and pretty useless, and again trust me, i know that it’s hard sometimes but there are many other things that you could be thinking about. try not to let things you can’t change cloud up your brain and think about something good that’s coming up.


I am so insecure about myself. Every one of my friends tell me how beautiful I am, every family never, but I have no idea why I will never agree with them. I get so upset over how I look. I sometimes cannot go out in public when I don’t wear makeup.
I look at all these beautiful girls, and I get so envious when they look so pretty without makeup.
I try so hard to have the body. I one time worked out every single day of the week for a year because I wanted the body. And some guys find me cute, but it’s like no matter what people say to me, whether it’s good or bad, I literally not-pick at every single one of my flaws until I feel like crap. I hate my natural eyes, I wish my lips and my legs were bigger, I wish I had a more curvy form, I wish my neck didn’t have OBVIOUS lines on it, I wish my nose was taller, I wish my toes weren’t so ugly as well as my fingers, I wish I had a bigger butt and boobs, but it’s so hard to confess these to my friends because I don’t want anyone thinking I’m an attention seeker because it seems like nowadays, confessing your insecurities means you want to fish for compliments


this is so accurate omg.

i’d suggest trying not to compare yourself as often as you do. if that means taking a break from social media, then by all means, please do so. you’re beautiful no matter your looks, you seem super sweet and i’m sorry u feel that way love.


Thank you guys for your thoughts so far.

@IsabellaMason Sure! I’d like that!

@julesscreven Thank you for your opinion and positivity. Also, thanks for bringing that into a different light!

@SpookySherry Oh my… I know how you feel :confused: . I have A LOT of insecurities about that too. I get told sometimes that I’m pretty but I don’t feel like. Maybe It’s something that I need to change about myself. Maybe more so on personality (i’m only changing for myself in a positive way). Maybe like, putting more effort in the way I present myself and dress. I need to really focus on Goal and plans for life and the little things that might make me happy :blush:.


I love this thread. I’ve held in these thoughts for quite a while because nobody ever brought up this topic and it feels SO good


For me, I feel as though I do not deserve a so called happy ending. It’s one reason why I have chosen to put a end to relationships, the romantic kind.

Believe me, I get told a lot by my best friend not to think like that, and I know myself I should not. But I can’t help but feel as if it is true. This is honestly something I’ve wanted to talk to my older brother about, but never find the courage to say it, due to always have been to be the one that kept my cool under pressure, accident’s and so on family wise.


You’re so sweet :pleading_face::heartpulse: I really should, but it’s so much easier said than done :joy: but I’ll be okay, tysm. It means a lot (I’m not just saying that too) :heart:


I’m glad you like it! Your welcome anytime. I’m happy to have you onboard. We all tend to hold on emotions and sometimes, it feels a little better knowing that you can express and relate to someone :hugs:.


ur so right tho omg.


Give it time, I promise that’s the best. But make sure you have those who love you and self-respect before you allow any other person into your life


Tbh, this me trying to understand people who DON’T follow simple instructions. They are asked to remain home, but nooooo they just want to go out and do this and that, then putting people lives at danger. How is it that people don’t take things seriously?

Another thing is on my mind, as you’re getting older, you realize that you have to put down these games, partying, etc. and focus on work, bills, health, etc. But it’s like you’re just scared and not ready for adulthood, and managing things on your own, How is it that people can overcome it and not be afraid of doing these things because lets say someone pass in your family and its just you, so its very weird and scary managing things on your own.


I FEEL YOU IM TURNING 18 NEXT YEAR AND I NEED TO START LOOKING FOR COLLEGES literally NOW and I have NO idea WHERE the hell to look and I’m not even ready to handle all the responsibilities yet


Exactly, time is going fast like crazy, you’re growing and growing and still just not ready to take on the world, you’re still feeling like a lazy kids just not ready to handle all of this.


I so feel you on that! Some people must think their immortal just because their young. Please :roll_eyes:. It’s affecting all ages. Everyday, more symptoms are being revealed. It’s a pretty selfish act. It’s understandable if you need to go to the store for essential needs . But, going out to a party with hundreds of people? What a bold move.

That is honestly such a crazy thought. When we were younger, we wanted to be older. Now that we’re older, I want to reverse time :woman_facepalming:t5:. I learned that time doesn’t wait on anyone. It’s crazy for me to even think about getting to that stage in life lol. But, i’m getting closer and closer to it everyday.

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This!!! Careful what you wish for, you’re childhood days are about to end in a flash!!! :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy:

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