Discussion: Short stories vs long stories

Guys, how do you feel about writing a long story (with let’s say 30+ episodes)?
I’ve always preferred writing short stories because I love the feeling when a “project” is done, but now I think I got stuck with the story I’m currently working on. I’m at the point where I could either close the storyline in about 3 episodes, or leave it open and make it pretty long by writing another 2 seasons for example.
I don’t really want to finish it yet but I’m kinda afraid that I might get bored of my own story if I decide to go for the longer version.

Did this ever happen to you? Have you ever felt you should have finished a story earlier because you got bored of it or run out of ideas?
In general do you prefer writing short or long stories?
What do you prefer reading and why?


I was summoned? What’s going on- sees title My time… has come. :triumph:

I’m just gonna start with this :flushed:

For me, any story above 20 episodes is long. :see_no_evil:

No. I’m saying that because I don’t have a finished story (and I never will :face_with_monocle:) but even if I did, I don’t think I would have that problem. I always aim for 10 episodes stories at most, though I have a very long story (40 episodes) but I’m not writing it on Episode. But I think I do have a 20 episode story… :thinking:

I normally plan everything before I start the story.

Short stories. I can finish it faster and have more time to work on other stories. (For example, if I have a long story that starts in August, I can’t enter Halloween contest because I’d have to finish it.) And short stories will have better directing, frequent updates, etc.

I prefer reading short stories too. In my opinion, I know a lot of stories which could be reduced to 20 episodes (that are 40 episodes), that’s because people keep their episodes short, so it’ll have higher reader retention and you will have more episodes. More episodes mean more money, I’m not saying they do it because of that, but 2 short episodes give you more than 1 long episode, lol.

Kinda what I said earlier, the episodes are just short, (I prefer short episodes but 5 minutes is too short) you need to use a lot of passes. And it gets boring after a while, I don’t even remember where the story is or where it’s going. Many people don’t know where to end.

If it’s doomed to be a long story, I always read it once it’s finished. :flushed:


How I feel about writing a story with more than 30 episodes is that it actually kind of terrifies me! :confounded: I just… I take so long to write episodes and so to be working with the same characters for over a year seems daunting when I think about it. I also usually tend to, um, fall out of love with stories that I once really liked when they go past 25 episodes. I feel like they pass a point where it felt natural to end and are now only continuing for the sake of it. The storyline usually goes off the rails and they stop including choices and it just feels like the story has taken a whole new course.

In saying that, my current ongoing story is going to be one of those 30+ episode stories :confused: So I’m trying to avoid becoming like that. My original plan was to only cover one year of the characters’ lives and I’ve already got the ending planned, but when I try to think about how many more episodes it will take me to get there, it’s looking like it will be 40 episodes in total :open_mouth:

Yes, my first one… I just started getting better ideas and my coding skills were improving and so I felt that I better wrap that one up since it was really lacking proper direction anyway. I’m glad I did end it there too. I wouldn’t say it was terrible, but it definitely wasn’t the type of story that needed to drag on either ahaha.

Short - I find they’re a lot more fulfilling than longer ones and obviously there’s more change of them being completed. After my current one, I think most of my future stories will be between 10-15 episodes.

In terms of reading, I’m not fussed. I’ll read both short and long stories. I usually get frustrated reading longer ones when I feel they go past a natural point for them to end it. Especially because I feel obligated to see it out to the end after spending so many passes on it. So… I kind of end up hate-reading it in a sense lol. But I think there are types of stories that both suit and need more episodes for it to work, and then there are others that feel better being a short story.

As for your situation…
If you don’t want to finish it and still do have more ideas, you could always take lengthier breaks in between seasons? In that time, you would be able to think of more ideas so you avoid writers block or you could work on a different story completely so when you return you feel refreshed and won’t be bored of the characters?


Maybe you were, we haven’t talked for a while :smiley:

Is it published? When will you publish?

Smart. I wish I could ever say this about myself…

This is exactly what I’m worried about. So basically you say it’s better to write a story with less, but longer episodes? Do you know any stories that are pretty long but you think they were worth reading all the way? (I usually get bored at episode 40 too, this must be some mysterious number. Hm :thinking:)


Writing a 30+ story is stressful. I prefer writing a short story. It makes my life easier lol.


:sweat: I had stuff to do… but I’m back now :smirk:

As always, I’m never going to publish a story. And if I do, it’s just going to have 3 episodes when it’s supposed to have 20. :see_no_evil:

Hah! Don’t get me wrong, it takes me a year to plan a story, and at least 6 months to write. :joy: I just give myself a lot of time.

That kinda sounds like it. But too long episodes drain my soul, I don’t want to read them too. :see_no_evil: My advice would be to look over pacing a hundred times. Things such as; long narration scenes, having the scene in the same background or zooming for too long, lack of choices, make the story less enjoyable. If it didn’t have these stuff, I would read it even if there are 70 episodes and every episode is 20 minutes. I guess we just need to keep the story moving.

I don’t know how many episodes it will have, but I’ve read Six Feet Under, (there’s only one episode right now) and it was 46 minutes. Never got bored of it, I’m planning to even replay it once more episodes are released. :see_no_evil:

It has really dynamic scenes that keep the story moving.


Same :joy:
I applaud the people that have the stamina to continuously read long stories :clap:


I feel exactly the same way!

Funny that this is also true for me. But I guess that’s because we are both writing a college story what you can either finish at the end of a semester/year, or you have to wait until your characters finally graduate :anguished:

This was actually my first thought. But then I realized I’m already taking pretty long breaks lol, and don’t the readers hate when an author does this? I don’t know, I’ve been just thinking and I have no idea what I want to do.

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Well we both know your MC is going to struggle to graduate at this rate :laughing:

Maybe they do, but who cares? If you took 2-3 months off from updating and in that time, had written a bunch of episodes, you could do weekly updates for a season and then you’d win them back all over again!

AWWW :frowning:

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Shit, maybe I have to write 5-6 seasons :laughing:

This actually makes a lot of sense. Thank you :kissing_heart:

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You’re welcome! Looking forward to all six seasons now :sweat_smile:

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I find that a lot of the 30+ chapter stories have already hit their climax and resolution but it’s like the author can’t figure out how to end the story …


I’m not sure that all of them are really looking for a way to end it. As @ELx said, the more episodes you have, the more reads you get… And sometimes I really feel that stories are dragged on for no other reason, but there are exceptions of course.


I prefer long stories. I mostly don’t read stories with less than 15 episodes (finished).If I like the characters, I like to have my time with them, and 3-5-7-10 chapters aren’t enough for me.

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I get really annoyed of long stories, because most of the long stories on Episode are extremely boring and the same thing keeps on happening just to make drama.

However, short stories like Her Protector are amazing because they contain an amazing storyline and plot in a time of 5-10 episodes.

If the long story is interesting enough, then I’ll read it.

If it’s the same “mean girl kisses MC’s boyfriend then MC gets back with their ex then cheats on boyfriend then gets pregnant” then no thanks.


so ive only coded 4 chapters- im new to coding- so 20 plkus is lonGgggG i like reading long stories but codiing short ones are easy lolol

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It depends really.
You shouldn’t force yourself to make a long story if it’s not needed by creating uneccessary drama that keeps the story going.
Stop the story when you feel satisfied with it.

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Bump :wink:

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As a reader I prefer shorter story because I’m impatient to know how it end. But I’ve read loooongs story (the longest has 90 episodes) if i love the story i don’t mind

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I’m torn between both sides on this. I like long and short stories, but if a story isn’t more than 5 minutes, it’s too short for me :woman_shrugging:t4: